Most children grow up without even learning how to sew, but I love how fun it is to explore sewing for both girls and boys. It is such a great way for children to practice hands-eye coordination, along with using their feet.

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Explore Sewing

I remember when I first introduced our oldest children to the sewing machine. I came across a used one at a yard sale for only $5 and thought it would make a great free afternoon activity for them on days they needed to stay inside. Our first started them with no thread, and loose leaf paper. When they showed me that they could keep the needle on the blue lines of a full paper, I moved them to some printed pages from this great beginning sewing books: The Best of Sewing Machine Fun for Kids.

As their skills improved, I would offer them scrap material to see what they were interested in creating with them. They made all kinds of things, like clothes for dolls, blankets for their stuff animals, and anything they could think of with what I gave them.

It didn't take long for our daughter to demonstrate an interest in sewing, so on her 12th birthday, we bought her, her own Brother's sewing machine.

My children made their own coon hats, pouches for playing Revolutionary soldiers and several others things. My daughter experienced more with following patterns to make doll clothes, and a dress for herself, as well as her hand at making a difficult quilt.

All this because I bought a machine at a yard sale, and a book to give them ideas of how to use. I only taught them the basics, being sure they understand the importance of hand placement when pushing the petal, so they don't hurt themselves with the needle and then left them to explore sewing.

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