Children love to create and make things with their hands, and it doesn't matter if they are a girl or a boy. Explore scrapbooking is a great free afternoon activity that your children will love for hours, while creating keeps sakes they will cherish for years to come.

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Explore Scrapbooking

Explore scrapbooking for kids will look different than what you would expect from an adult, who usually only scrapbooks photos of their family.

For children, they may want to scrapbook letters from friends, flyers from field trips, or create fun scrapbooks with cutouts from magazines (I have so many memories of doing this as a child). The options are endless, and often times, children just need a little inspiration from an idea, tools to create and time to implement.

What I love most about scrapbooking is that you don't have to pay a lot to have them get started in this enjoyable crafting, as you can use ‘scraps', hence the name, from sewing projects, card making or anything else that would results in scraps.

A few things that have made this free afternoon activity enjoyable is having fun scissors to create shaped paper, paper cut outs, and stamping things.

I like to provide my children with a quality scrapbook, organized supplies, organized scraps and hours of free afternoon time to explore scrapbooking on their own, once they have been inspired and ready to create a keep sake that will be cherished for years.

I love how once they learned this skill of scrapbooking, their homeschool assignments for binder books and journaling become more enjoyable and even more amazing, as they implement ideas from their scrapbooks.

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