Does your child love the mechanics of how things work? They would love to explore robotics in their free afternoon activities, and you will love to watch their imagination and creativity expand, as their knowledge of how things go together and work.

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Explore Robotics

Many children who are natural at math and science are also showing interest in learning how to explore robotics. I have been watching this activity grow within the homeschool community, and have even seen robotic clubs form in our area.

For our family, we love to just provide tools and time, in way of free afternoons, for our children to explore their interest and expose them to others that may become things they really enjoy, like robotics!

The best way to introduce your children to creating robots is to purchase a kit that has instructions of how to put them together, and that have several options for all the pieces.

A word of caution… 

If you have younger children, I would highly recommend that you store all the pieces for the kits in one box and have the box stored in a place where they can't reach or that is off limits to them. Having something important to an older child lost because a younger sibling was able to get it and play with it, is often times very discouraging to a budding hobby and can easily lead to resentment if a parent doesn't help to protect what is important to a child.

We learned this lesson the hard way with our son's lego creations that he would spend all afternoon creating, without directions, and his younger brother would take apart before he could get a picture or show his daddy when he returned home.

Here are some kits to get your child started to explore robotics:

As with any of the other free afternoon activities, I would recommend helping the child learn the key parts of robotic, how to take care of the pieces and storage, and then step back and allow them to explore robotics on their own.

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