You may have thought that this was called ‘wood burning’, as I have been calling it for years. This is a great hobby for older children to explore pyrography, which is a burning into wood or leather using a metallic tip.

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Explore Pyrography

My sister-in-law taught our family how to explore pyrography several years ago and we all loved it.

We each choose our own design that we wanted to put on our first projects, using the pyrography kit that we purchased for this new afternoon activity. We also needed wood transfer paper, a pencil and of course a piece of basswood for each of us. (you could use supply store coupons to save money on these)

If you child really wants to explore pyrography, I would recommend this book: Art & Craft of Pyrography, The: Drawing with Fire on Leather, Gourds, Cloth, Paper, and Wood.

It is important that you have something to place the extremely hot pyrography tool on when you aren’t using it. Of course, keeping it away from younger children or children who do not follow instructions well, as there could be the chance of getting burned with this activity. Until a child knows how to use this responsibility, I would highly recommend you supervise to ensure proper use and guidelines.

Many people who enjoy pyrography would also enjoy whittling and carving or even wood working crafts.

Once the art of exploring pyrography is learned, this can easily become a skill that could be used to make family gifts or even a way to earn money through craft shows.

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