If you have a child who loves to write and always has a pen in their hand, you really should encourage them to explore pen pals.

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Explore Pen Pals

Our daughter has always loved to write. I would have hear write our grocery list that I would narrate to her, she loved to write my to-do list for the day, our packing list for traveling, our booklist for the new school year and anything else I could come up with to give her for her love of writing.

I helped her explore calligraphy, card making and journaling to foster this love of writing.

However, when I opened up the world of exploring pen pals, she was so excited for this new way of using writing to grow relationships. She still keeps writing to those that she had as childhood pen pals and has added a few more, and she is 21 years old.

Here is how we encouraged her to explore pen pals at an early age:

We first found a few pen pals that we knew would be a great fit for her. Although we trusted these pen pals, we still read every letter she wrote (not correcting anything she wrote unless it was not appropriate and that only happened one time) and every letter she received, to be certain that the letters were good for her to continue.

Then for one of her birthdays, we created a pen pal birthday, where we purchased her a full book of stamps, stationary paper that was pretty, gel pens and a box to store them in.

After she went through the box of stamps, she would work to earn more stamps to keep up her writing to her pen pals. She also used her cards that she created as ways to send special letters to her long distant friends.

I highly recommend you to explore pen pals long before putting your child on social media or giving them an email.

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