Our children have loved to explore marksmanship in their free afternoon activities. Of course, the first step of this activity started with safety guidelines when our children proved responsible and obedient.

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Explore Marksmanship

When our children proved to us that they were responsible with their belongings, and obedient to our guidelines for other things, we entrusted them to several tools that would provide them the opportunity to explore marksmanship.

Some of the safety guidelines that we provided to them would include how to properly hold any weapon, how to care for it, how to use the safety and the proper way of using it by keeping the space between their target and their weapon completely clear.

Tools for exploring marksmanship:

In addition to the tools, you will want to invest in some kind of targets, like paper targets or targets for archery practice.

We like to be sure our children enforce what we have taught them about the safety guidelines and help them work on the skills to using each of the tools to master marksmanship.

Once we know they have the key things, we step back and allow them to work on having fun and improving their aim.

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