What kid doesn't love Legos? You may be wondering why this even made it to this series of free afternoon activities, when it is such a no brainer, but it is one of those activities that I wanted to be sure to mention because it has been well loved in our home.

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Explore Legos

With the growing attention of how to use Legos in your homeschooling, ideas of building popular characters from movies or complete sets with instructions for scenes out of these movies, children are often ‘told' how to play with Legos.

There are so many benefits to a child to be given toys, like Legos, that can provide them with creativity during their play. No instructions, just them and the Legos to see what may come out of their imagination, with the bricks that they have at their resources.

I love how my boys have built, and still build, all kinds of things that come to their mind.

I do feel that there are times when we can provide ideas for them, but to allow them to explore during free afternoon activity time. One our my children's favorite resource for ideas, when they aren't inspired on their own is this book, The LEGO Idea Book.

It amazes me how popular the ‘sets' are becoming, because we love just to purchase sets of mini-figures and some of their most popular bricks, and give them time to create on their own.

We have tried to have them keep their pieces and figures organized, but they way they play, it is not worth the effort to put into keeping them organized. As long as we don't step on them, I'm happy with the time they spend playing with these treasured toys.

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