Does your child like to write? Expand their enjoyment with the opportunity to explore journaling in their free afternoon activities, and even if they don't enjoy writing itself, they may learn to like it when give time to explore it on their own, in their own way.

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Explore Journaling

Some children just love having a pen or pencil in their hands, and can write for hours. Our daughter was this kind of child. She loved to write to friends, create her own stories and write down her thoughts in her journal.

As any of our free afternoon activities, we would inspire the idea, find the tools needed to explore the activity and then leave the child to explore the activity for hours of fun, and journaling is no different.

We loved to buy our daughter gel pens, pretty journals and leave her alone in her room to see what she may write next. Often times, we were shocked by the skills her pen brought out, not just in writing but creating beautiful pages that popped around her handwritten work, often times coming in her homeschooling assignments for journaling.

There are many ideas for different types of journals, all of which will inspire young or old writers to take time to journal:

  • Events of day
  • Quotes, Inspiring Poems or Verses
  • Lessons from Bible Reading
  • Creative writing
  • Life lessons – what they learned from a situation
  • Prayers

This list can easily go on to include all kinds of journaling, a series that would be cherished for years to come and provide hours of free afternoon enjoyment, especially when adding elements of scrapbooking to them.

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