Does your child love music? Explore instruments with them during their free afternoon activities and watch how their skills can flourish, even without lessons.

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Explore Instruments

Not all children will be able to explore instruments on their own, and teach themselves to play the instrument of their choice. I have one daughter that has taught herself how to play three instruments and my sons have yet to learn one, mostly because they have different interest.

There are always lessons that you can add to your child's free afternoon activities to help them learn an instrument of their choice, but I'm going to tell you about how my daughter used the hours of free afternoons in our home, and the tools we provided to teach herself how to play the recorder, the piano and then the violin.

We first started by learning music theory, which I knew was very important for her to really learn an instrument. My older two children both went through one year of music theory, but only my daughter took that knowledge further, even though both were given time and tools, and even offered lessons.

While they were going through the course for music theory, we had given them each their own recorder and the Nine Note Recorder Method book.

She mastered that instrument and wanted to learn the piano. Since both my husband and I had some music experience, we decided that with how quickly she learned, we would just continue to give her time and tools, using Alfred's Piano lessons to give her some time to learn what she could and see where her interest lead her.

After a while, we started taking piano lessons and she didn't like them at all, so after a few weeks, we stopped them. She enjoyed just learning at her pace and playing the music she like, feeling the lessons consisted of twaddle music and I agreed.

It didn't take long for her to pick up on playing by chords and she took off!

The next instrument that caught her attention was the violin, and just as the other instruments before her, she picked it up quickly. We did invest in a violin for her, and a few books. Her grandmother gave her a few lessons, along with her cousins who was learning to play and next thing you know, she was playing away.

I love that she would spend so much of her free afternoon activity time filling our home with music that she learned by just taking her time because of the interest she had and the time was hers to do with it as she please.

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