There comes a time in a child's life that they out grow their room decor that has always found them enjoyment or even comfort. Allowing a child to explore home decorating when that time comes would be a great way to introduce this fun way to explore free afternoon activities.

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Explore Home Decorating

We have been a family that has always enjoyed watching home improvement shows, so it was only natural that our children would develop the interest to explore home decorating, as well.

As a family, we seemed to always have a home project going on, and we would encourage our children to fully participate with several of the wood projects, even roofing, flooring, complete gutting of the kitchen and bathroom, and the fun of shopping for the remodeling on a budget.

When my older child reached this age to explore home decorating, and we gave them the opportunity to choose colors that appealed to them for accents in their rooms, while keeping the paint natural.

Our son wanted to just accent with black and grays, where our daughter really explored home decorating with projects like making her own head board out of 100 year old barn wood, and refurnishing her desk for the second time.

Here are some ways that we encouraged our children to explore home decorating:

  • Find ways to add functionality to small spaces, often times with organization being the focus
  • Encourage color schemes to be what is used to accent a natural room color, to allow their personality to shine through
  • Bargain shop at yard sales, or even Good Will to find furniture that they can refurnish to meet their needs and desires
  • Encourage sewing projects to add a personal touch to their home decor

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