Kids just love fort building, and playing things that include a secret club, or hiding space with their friends. Most children do a lot of fort building with blankets, but why not let them explore fort building outside and see what they make?

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Explore Fort Building

Fort building is so exciting for kids of all ages, as it adds an element of imagination to their play.  Blankets throw across chairs and table, to make a fort can provide an hour or more of creative play.

What if I told you that when I provided the tools and time for our children, they were able to construct forts out of scrap wood, branches and tools that we had taken the time to know they knew how to use.

It shocked me when my older children decided to use their free afternoon time to work to not only build a fort down by our creek, but also a dock that they would sit on all from scrap wood from their dad or from small trees (they had to be able to touch their fingers around the tree) they cut down with their hand axe. They worked hard to cut down these small trees and then cut them again into usable parts.

I know their biographies that they read of pioneers were their inspiration.

During that entire summer, they were out working on this special place and friends would come over with their plastic boots just to help explore fort building together. My friends and I would sit by the glass door, and watch them construct this in our little woods.

Sweet memories!

My younger children have bigger woods to explore, and their fort building have included branches from trees they cut down and a tarp for cover.

Maybe your children aren't at this place yet to be able to build their own fort out of wood, but they would love this fort building kit or this one that includes a camouflage cover.

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