Children have grown up playing with play dough and they love it, but have you had your children explore clay? It is a great way to continue the enjoyment of creating figures out of their imagination.

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Explore Clay

Play dough has been a big hit in our home, and there has been many times that my old children will sit and create with our youngest. There is just something enjoyable about rolling, forming and creating with it.

If you child loves playing with dough, like ours have, the next step would be to explore clay!

Playing with non-harding colorful clay is such a joy for children, giving them hours of fun without worrying about the clay drying or becoming brittle to use during their exploring time. A great way to keep their creations on display until daddy comes home, or even trying their hand at doing a slow motion animation with their creation.

Your older children will love having this fun activity, as well. In fact, air dry clay is a great way to explore during free afternoon activities. As the name implies, the clay will dry in whatever form it is made into, without having to bake it. You can add fun to this activity by using the plastic clay tools for sculpturing.

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