With the increasing world of social media and emails, I would really encourage you to have your children explore card making, as it is really a great craft that will keep alive a worth while gesture we all appreciate.

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Explore Card Making

I remember the sweet afternoons that my children and I would gather around the table with all of our edger scissors, a stack of pretty paper, cards and envelopesrubber stamps with ink, and paper cutters, and sit for hours making our stash of cards larger for up coming birthdays, encouraging cards, get well or other types of cards. Often times, my children would just get the things out on their own free afternoon activities and create a special card for a friend or family member.

We love purchasing gifts for birthdays and special days that will help our children explore hobbies to fill their free afternoon activities. This kit to making your own cards is one that I would recommend for any child just starting out.

You can easily add many of these supplies and skills to homeschooling if you added copy work selections to the inside of the cards, like poems, verses, or even quotes.

We have used so many of these supplies in our Binder Books and Journaling, plus scrapbooking. I loved using coupons from craft stores to help purchase things at a lower price and often added to our supplies a little at a time when preparing for our new school year, or even for birthdays.

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