Do you have a child that loves to write letters? If so, you should have them explore calligraphy!

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Explore Calligraphy

Our daughter seemed to always have a pen in her hand, even in her free afternoons or on summer breaks. She loved to write. One year, I thought about seeing how she would enjoy to explore calligraphy after she seemed intrigued by a visit to Colonial Williamsburg, where this was being demonstrated.

The next opportunity to purchase something special for her, we purchased a calligraphy kit for her and she loved to practice this new skill.

For a while, I allowed this to take place of her copy work for a while because she was really taking a lot of time trying to learn this skill.

This is a very unique skill that some people are willing to pay for today, like writing names on diplomas for local graduations or wedding invitations. If a child really developed this skill well, they could easily make some money on the side.

We never invested in calligraphy paper, but I have heard that it can make a big difference in mastering the skill.

During this time, my daughter started exploring different ways of writing that would look unique and add to her card making or journaling. This book could help foster the love of exploring handwriting, Creative Lettering and Beyond.

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