My daughter has spent hours while she explored beads, with jewelry making and other ways to create these colorful crafts. She loved it and we loved seeing what she was going to make next during her free afternoon activities.

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Explore Beads

Our daughter was really young when we bought her a bunch of beads to explore. She loved them and it became obvious that she wanted to learn how to make more types of jewelry as she dove into learning when she explored beads.

Once we saw her interest was there, we decided that her next birthday would be all about helping her explore beads and learn to make jewelry. We purchased her organizing binds and carrying case, which she would take on trips! In addition to this, we bought her tools to make jewelry, and some amazing beads, clasp and threads to make jewelry that she sold for a while.

She would check books out of the library to get ideas, or would look through book stores to just see how things were done and then went home to try her own hand at it.

She would even invest in beads that were natural tones to appeal to her brothers, so they could enjoy some of her afternoon activities with her.

America Girl Crafts bracelet kit would be a great gift idea to get them started to explore beads and getting them creating jewelry they would love to wear of gift to friends.

There are so many new crafting ideas since she was little, and she insists to try them out because of her love of making jewelry that all started with beads.

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