One thing that I feel every homeschooling mama needs is to have her children in the kitchen ready to explore baking with her. There is nothing more rewarding than working along side your family, as you prepare food for your family. The younger you get them in the kitchen, the more they will love it!

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Explore Baking

Our kitchen can be busy at times, and it can become overwhelming making every meal for our family, so I welcome all the help that I can get for as many meals as possible.

You can bring school into the kitchen but teaching measurements with measuring cups and spoons, work on fractions and my favorite, following directions from a recipe, once a child is able to read well.

My children love to explore baking from an early age, as they learn how to cut soft butter, spread peanut butter, crack an egg, pour liquids, stir things together, measure out the ingredients, butter pans, cut up vegetables and fruits, shred cheese and much more.

Once they have learned these important skills necessary for making a recipe on their own, I will let them work on a recipe to see if they are able to do it, with me observing. They love the independence this offers, and I love training additional help in the kitchen. In fact, all four of our children can help in our kitchen for any meal and do great. Our 5 year old hasn't learned how to do a recipe himself, but is capable of doing his own breakfast and lunches and loves to help in the dinner prep whenever I will allow.

Baking is an art, and can be just as exciting as painting or wood working, because they are creating something from work and will have a finished result.

If you are looking for some inspiration, this book may be just want you need to help get your toddlers through nine years old helping in the kitchen, and teaching them the skills necessary for independence in the kitchen: Kids in the Kitchen: Simple Recipes That Build Independence and Confidence the Montessori Way.

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