I love using Legos in homeschooling, so I wanted to share with you a fast way to teach your child how to easily learn counting by tens with Legos.  I have found that children love using their hands while learning new things and this learning box activity is the perfect way to learn how to count by tens.

Counting by Tens with Legos - Teach your child how to count by 10s, multiply by 10s and all through play with this hands-on learning activity for math. | www.joyinthehome.com

Counting by Tens with Legos:

I use Lego Duplo brinks to put this activity together.  You will need 10 big ones with the same color and 10 small ones in a different color.

Using a black sharpie to write on the Duplos. Don’t worry, you can use a magic eraser to remove the writing when you are finished learning this activity.

On the small Duplos write the tens (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100) on them.

On the large Duplos write the tens facts on each (1X10, 2X10, 3X10… 10X10) on them.

Skip Counting Tens with Legos www.joyinthehome.com

Stack by Tens

For this activity, have your child pull out all the small Duplos. The first few times of them doing this activity, you may have to help them.  Point out that to count by tens, you only add a ‘0’ to the number. If they can count from 1-10, this information will really click and help them to master it quickly.

Have them stack the numbers starting with 10 and building up to 100.

Have them stack backwards and start at 100 and build to 10.

Master the skill fun can be timing how quickly they do this!

Stacking Your Tens Legos www.joyinthehome.com

Stack the Facts

Once they have mastered the Stack by Tens, have them add the larger Duplos and match up the multiplication fact with the answer.  Again, teaching that we just add a ‘0’ to the number to count by ten will help this to be mastered quickly. This activity can help learn this quickly.

Once they have matched all the numbers with their multiplication fact, have them build a tower from 10 to 100.  Then have them build it from 100 to 10.

Multiplication and skip counting by tens www.joyinthehome.com

Multiplication and Skip Counting

The last way to use this counting by tens with Legos activities is to stack the multiplication and match the answers to the side.

Make it like an evaluation and mix the large ones all up and stack them out of order. Time the child and see how quickly the can stack the answers next to the large ones.

I hope this gives your child some excitement in math, even if they lack the desire to learn.


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