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Copywork for Beginning Writers

We use copywork in our homeschooling, and my little guy is loving this way of learning copywork that he starts it first everyday, often times before I'm ready to even start school.  I thought you may enjoy seeing what we are doing and why my preschooler loves writing!

Leading up to this part of his learning, we have done some pre-writing stamping and pre-writing play dough activities to prepare him for this stage.

You will need a few things to get started:

Start at the Beginning

The first week, or until your child can write both upper and lower case, focus on one letter starting at the beginning of the alphabet. Place the upper case at one side of the board and the lower case in the middle of the board, giving the child room to copy the letters right next to magnetic letters.

When introducing a letter, have the child trace the magnetics with their finger, while you tell them which direction to move on the letter. For the capital letter B, I would say ‘start at the top and go down. Go back to the top and make two bumps to the right. Be sure to connect the bumps to the line, to make it look correct.'



Expect Their Best

As they start writing their letters on the white board, repeat the instructions of how to form the letters.  Don't expect perfect for beginner writers, but expect their best.  My little guy will often erase his work because he knows he can do a letter better if he makes a mistake, but that was after several days of practicing the letter.



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Document Their Work

At least once a week or so, take a photo of their work. They will love to see photos but it is great to have a record of their improvement for yourself and for them. You can also make a great keepsake at the end of the year of all the photos from the year.

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Evaluate Their Progress

To evaluate how your child is progressing with copywork and letter formation, have them use the magnetic board to write the letters without the help of the letters.  Of course, take a photo of that to celebrate and show Daddy or proud grandparents, and maybe even the nay-sayers!

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