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Frequently Asked

Where can I send an email?

You can send an email using the space at the left or by emailing

I purchased something but can't find it in my email. What do I do?

All products are delivered by automatic systems. It can take a few minutes for payments to process and trigger the email, but it should be in your inbox within 20 minutes of purchasing.

However, some email providers mark incoming emails as spam. So look in your SPAM and PROMOTIONAL folders for the name of the product you purchased and/or for email.

If you still don't see it, send me an email and I'll get the product to you.

Can I email you my specific question about my struggle?

As much as I would absolutely love to help moms one-on-one with their specific struggles, I'm unable to answer every personal email that comes through my inbox.

I would highly recommend you join my FREE Facebook group here >> The Joyfilled Mom.

How can I subscribe to your blog?

I love that you're eager to hear from me. To receive The Mom Digest that includes content that not shared on my blog, you can subscribe to it here. 

Do you collaborate with others?

If the right opportunity opens up that fits the vision of The Joyfilled Mom™, I would seriously consider collaborating with others. However, I do not accept requests that puts my brand or vision in a position of confusion to my audience. With that said, it is on a case by case decision.

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