The Color-Coded Chores is a downloadable PDF that aids parents in setting up daily chores for their children ages one through teenagers using color-coded chore strips that children will love.

Now, you can download this PDF for free.

Just download, print, laminate, and start creating daily chores that your children will be motivated to be a part of with you.

Do you desire to have your children help around the house?

Now you can!

With color-coded, age-appropriate daily chores for ages one – teen, your entire family can be a part of a family unit with Color-Coded Chores.

Your children will love the colors and characters, while you will enjoy having them help around the house with the house chores.

Do you want your children to willingly help around the house?  Do you desire your children to do their fair share around the house but you struggle to get them motivated?

Now, you can with your FREE printable Color-Coded Chores for the family to rock your family unit with daily chores.