Seasonal allergies haven't been a big thing in our home. That is until the last few years. I have been getting more sensitive to seasonal and indoor allergens. While attending a blogging conference, I came across a sponsor table for Venta-Airwasher, mostly because I immediately noticed a difference in the air around their space.

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Clean Air Naturally to Combat Seasonal Allergies

I have always loved the first signs of spring, and will open my windows at the first possible weather to air my house out and give that fresh smell going through my entire house.

The problem with doing this will be that I'm also opening my home to pollen. In the past, it just meant that I needed to dust more. However, that has changed in the last few years. I realized that I would start getting more headaches near my sinuses, along with scratching in my throat and eyes.

I was shocked when someone told me that what I continued to experience were allergies. Thankfully they are still mild, and I'm able to continue with life without too many issues.

When Venta-Airwasher gave me the opportunity to review their home unit, I was quick to say, “Yes!” (This is my honest review of their product, and how it has helped our family with more than just seasonal allergies)

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We have been using it in our home for just over 2 months at the time of this writing and I'm so excited to share just how amazing this one unit has done for our big house.

Winters are hard in our home, as we experience really dry air. The dry air leaves our skin scratchy and chapped, even though we drink water all day long. Our daughter always gets so bad that her hands bleed, and she needs to use products to keep moisture in her skin. This was the first year in a very long time that this didn't happen.

In addition to our skin staying healthy through the winter months, our hardwood floors seemed to enjoy the added moisture this humidifier has provided.

However, the best experience of all of this has to be our youngest child's benefits from using Venta-Airwasher. He deals with dog dander allergies, which causes him to cough and sniff, ALL.DAY.LONG. Within the first day of having clean air in our home, his symptoms were completely gone.

We were sold!

There has been few days that we overlooked our new habit of just adding water to this humidifier and purifier in one, and his symptoms were back. We quickly would get it filled back up, and he would stop his sniffling and coughing. He loves it so much that he tries to help us keep it running all the time.

Having these experience, along with enjoying the windows open this week with gorgeous weather and not having the issues with the seasonal allergies that have been plaguing me over the last few years has been a huge joy in our home.

With the help of clean air in our home, I know that I now have a natural way to combat the seasonal allergies before they start invading my home and causing the havoc on my sinus.

Although this has been a sponsored post by Venta-Airwasher, my comments and experience have been shared without bias and exceeded my expectations. I'm certain that your family would find joy in having clean air in your own home, as well.