Nutter Butter Truffles

Nutter Butter Truffles are so easy to make, and incredibly delicious. My family was in love with these immediately! These are the perfect dessert to do ahead of time, and would be a hit to any gathering.

Nutter Butter Truffles - These are SO delicious and incredibly easy to make. No baking necessary! Get your peanut butter fix with these yummies! |

Nutter Butter Truffles

Our family has enjoyed Oreo Truffles, and one day I wanted something with peanut butter. I started to think about what to make and I wondered how it would turn out if I used Nutter Butter Cookies to make truffles.

I can't tell you just how moist and amazing this recipe is, so you will have to try it for yourself! (Be careful, they are VERY addicting!)

You can freeze these, so feel free to double or triple the recipe and put some in the freezer for another time.

How to Make Nutter Butter Truffles

You will need to buy 2 packs of Nutter Butter Cookies, but if you double the recipe, you will use all but one cookie with three packages of cookies. You will need 1 – 8oz Cream Cheese, about 1 1/2 package of Reese's Peanut Butter Chips and 3/4 cups of Coconut Oil or Crisco.

In a food processor, you will add 40 Nutter Butter Cookies. You will want to make the cookies into crumbs. If you have any bigger pieces just crumble them in your hand.

Next, add the softened cream cheese and mix it together in the processor until a round ball is formed.

Remove the ball of dough, and place it on a prepared cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Using a small melon scooper, scope balls and place on wax paper. Freeze for at least 20 minutes.

A few minutes before removing the balls from the freezer, melt the chips and coconut oil or crisco in the microwave. Be sure to not over cook the chips, by doing only 20 seconds at a time, and stirring in between the next 20 seconds.

Nutter Butter Truffles - Easy to make, and deliciously moist! |

Place several toothpicks in several balls (one per ball) and dip into the melted mixture. Spin the ball in the bowl to remove the excess coating. Place on wax paper to harden.

To remove the toothpicks (and reuse them) just twist it a few times, and it will come out.

You can cover the whole that the toothpick leaves, by drizzling melted chocolate chips over the top.

This recipes makes approximately 42 balls. Store in the refrigerator or freeze until you are ready to serve. They only need about 30 minutes to thaw.

Feel free to print this recipe for your own cookbook: Nutter Butter Truffles Recipe Card

Nutter Butter Truffles Printable Recipe Card |


S’more No-Bake Bars

S'more no-bake bars is a twist to an old-time family recipe, we call Pollock Fudge. I'm not really sure why it is called that in our family, when most people call them no-bake cookies, but it is what we grew up saying. I decided to switch this recipe up with three flavors that Americans love… chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows.

Chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows make us all think of S'mores. This no-bake recipe delivers the s'more taste in a bar! |

S'more No-Bake Bars

When my kids caught me in the kitchen experimenting with a new idea for a dessert, they got so excited to see that I was putting two of their favorite desserts into one.

I grew up making the Pollock Fudge, whenever my dad desired it to be made. He always wanted to clean out the pan, because he loved the taste of the warm dessert. It was so disappointing to not get to enjoy that all to myself, after making it, but my dad always made me feel good with his compliments of how good it tasted.

As I approached my Senior year in a private school, I had to take Pollock Fudge for frequent bake sales, and it always sold out first.

So when I had a family of my own, I brought out my sauce pan and introduced them to an old family favorite. It quickly became a go-to recipe if a sweet tooth hit us. Now, I get to enjoy the warm dessert scrapings of the pan while the rest is cooling in the pan. However, when my daughter learned to make it herself, I passed on the joy of cleaning the pan before putting it in the skin.

After she recently made me our Pollock Fudge recipe, I started to get inspired for a twist. I know they would love it!

This is just as easy to make, too!

How to Make S'more No-Bake Bars

In a medium to large saucepan, melt 2 sticks of butter on medium heat. Once it is melted, add 1 cup of milk, 1 cup of Dutch Process Cocoa and Evaporated Cane Sugar. Continue to stir this together until it comes to a boil.

Stop stirring, and boil for 5 minutes.

While the mixture is boiling, butter or spray a 9X13 pan. Get the following ingredients ready (don't add yet):

Once the 5 minutes is up, remove pan from the heat and add the vanilla and Marshmallow Fluff. Stir quickly until it is completely melted. Add the cereal, and stir. Gently fold in the miniature marshmallows, and quickly add to the prepared pan.

Cool completely. Cut and store in air tight container.
S'more No-Bake Bars - We doesn't love the taste of chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows? These quick and easy bars are delicious! |

These bars are so easy to make, and a hit with the family. You will definitely want a big glass of milk to go with it, because these are very sweet.



Feel free to print this recipe card here: S'more No-Bake Bars Printable Recipe Card

S'more No-Bake Bars Recipe Card - Print the card for your personal cookbook! |


Slow Cooker Beef Enchilada Soup

Our family loves enchiladas, but I also love the simplicity of a slow cooker, especially on homeschooling days. I had made some beef stew and had some beef left over, so I thought that I would throw together a new slow cooker recipe using some of the basic ingredients to one of our favorite soups, Taco Soup. It was a success!

Slow Cooker Beef Enchilada Soup - Easy to put together and delicious! |

Slow Cooker Beef Enchilada Soup

Brown the beef stew meat first using these ingredients:

2 TBs of oil
1 pound of beef stew meat
1 cup of milk
1 cup of flour
1 TBs of Simply Organic Grilling Seasons Steak Seasoning
1 tsp of Real Salt

Place the oil in a sauce pan and heat up, while you mix the seasoning and salt into the flour. Dip the beef stew meat into the milk and then the flour before putting it into the sauce pan. Brown on all side, but don't over cook the meat.

Slow Cooker Beef Enchilada Soup - Easy to make and delicious |

While the meat is browning, place the following ingredients into the slow cooker and mix thoroughly:

1 box of Beef Broth
1 can of tomato soup
1 can of diced tomatoes
1 can of enchilada sauce
1 can of corn
1 can of black beans

Add the browned beef stew meat in to the mixed ingredients and mix in the meat.

Cook on low for 4-6 hours.

Would you like a printable recipe card for this Slow Cooker Beef Enchilada Soup Recipe Card?
Slow Cooker Beef Enchilada Soup Recipe Card |

Christmas Magic Bars

Christmas Magic Bars |

Magic bars are such an easy dessert to make, but this Christmas we added sprinkles to make them more festive, making them Christmas Magic Bars. We added these to our neighbors baked good plates that we give each year and they just made the plate pop with Christmas color!

This is a recipe that children can do on their own, with some assistance when putting it in and out of the oven.

Christmas Magic Bars

Melt one stick of butter and add it 1 1/2 packages of crushed graham crackers. Press firmly at the bottom of a 9X13 greased pan. Evenly pour sweetened condensed milk over the entire crust, then add the 2 cups of chocolate chips and 1 1/2 cups of coconut. Then sprinkle your choice of Christmas sprinkles to the top.

Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Cool and then cut.

Here is a printable recipe card for Christmas Magic Bars just for you:

Christmas Magic Bars Recipe Card |


Peppermint Whoopie Pies

Peppermint Whoopie Pies |

Our family loves whoopie pies and most families do. We decided to make a peppermint flavored one that has proven to be a big hit with our friends. You can add red or green food coloring to the frosting if you want it to be with the Christmas colors, but we choose to keep ours white with the peppermint taste.

Peppermint Whoopie Pies

Whip together: 1 egg, 1 stick of soft butter, 1/3 cup of cocoa, 1 cup of evaporated cane juice, 1 tsp real salt, 1 tsp vanilla, 1 tsp baking soda, and 2 cups of milk. Add 1/2 cup of soft white wheat flour (or baking flour) at a time, until you get a wet cookie dough consistency. I put in about 4 cups or a little more.

I drop my cookie dough on a greased cookie pan using a small scoop. If it doesn't flatten, I have the right amount of flour.

Bake at 350 degrees for 10-13 minutes.

Let cool on cookie rack, while making the peppermint frosting. Cream together 1/2 cup of shortening or coconut oil, 1 stick of softened butter, 1 tsp of peppermint extract 4 cups of powered sugar and 2 TBSP of water.

Place a spoonful of frosting between two cookies and enjoy!

You can freeze the cookies without frosting, and then add frosting when they thaw.

Here is a printable recipe card for Peppermint Whoopie Pies your holiday baking:

Peppermint Whoopie Pies Printable Recipe Card |

Hot Chocolate a La Mode

Everyone loves hot chocolate, but I had a thought recently that was a big hit in our home. Why not have hot chocolate a la mode?

Hot Chocolate a La Mode |

Although I have never heard of anyone doing this before, it didn't stop me trying it with my own family. We used packaged cocoa, but if you want to try to make your own hot chocolate mix, you can! You may even want to try your hand at making it on the stove!

Once you have your cup 3/4 of the way full of hot chocolate, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream (or be crazy and just add your favorite), and then throw a few chocolate chips in to celebrate the new way of drinking a favorite warm beverage.

It is going to be a big hit! At least it was in our home, as it got a big approval from my little guy…

Hot Chocolate a La Mode drink |


How to Make Your Own Disney Character Cake

How to Make Your Own Disney Character Cake

There is nothing like seeing the face of you little one light up when they see that you are making your own Disney character cake for their special day.  We wanted to do a theme cake for our little guy turning 4, to go along with his new Planes movie and Planes figure toys he was getting for his birthday, but they hadn't came out with the pan… yet.

So creativity took over and the result was pure joy for our little boy!

Here is how to make your own Disney Character Cake:

Copy Your Disney Character

We first copied one of the packages from his gifts. We enlarged it to take up more of the cake. We cut out the plane only.

Trace Your Disney Character

Once it is cut, lay it on your cake.  Take a tooth pick and track the outside of the character.  Carefully remove the paper once you have traced the entire outside of the character.

Your Traced Disney Character Becomes Your Template

Then use the graphic to make lines for what is inside the graphic.  Don't fret about being perfect! There were several mistakes on our cake, but my little guy never noticed!

Make your frosting to match the colors to the character the best you can.  I used Wilton's Buttercream frosting for the best results.   We also love using Wilton's Gel Icing Colors. We also use the disposal pastry bags for easy clean up and our decorating tips.  Don't forget to purchase couplers, which holds the tip in place.

Decorate with a simple tip

Use a different pastry bag for each color and a different tip, but similar, for each bag.  I used tip number 16 and similar tips. I also used a tip number 2 for straight lines.

Make Your Own Dusty from Disney's Planes


If you don't think you can still do this after the tutorial, you could buy a generic airplane cake pan and use the colors of the character you are wanting to make or just buy the cupcake toppers to make that special day brighter!


Italian Baked Vegetables

Italian Baked Vegetables by
This is one of my favorite side dishes any time of the year.  I use a variety of vegetables, especially in summer, but this tends to be what I do during winter months.

Here is how I make Italian Baked Vegetables:

Ingredients –

2 cups of potatoes, peeled and chopped
2 cups of butternut squash, peeled and chopped
2 cups of baby carrots
2 red bell peppers, sliced
1 1/2 TB of Italian Seasoning
1 teaspoon of Real Salt
1/2 teaspoon of pepper
1/4 cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Directions – 

Preheat oven to 425°.

Place all the ingredients in a 9X13 glass pan and mix well until it is well coated. Cover with foil and bake for 45 minutes or until the vegetables are tender.

Print your own recipe card and try Italian Baked Vegetables at home:

Italian Baked Vegetables Recipe Card

DIY Menu Center

DIY Menu Center

I wanted something to help me in my meal planning, while eliminating the ‘Mom, what's for breakfast?', ‘Mom, what's for lunch?' and ‘Mom, what's for dinner', that I heard all the time.  That is when I gained a little ‘pinspiration' from Pinterest and took some ideas that I liked, but didn't quite fit what I was looking for and created my own.

Here is how you create this DIY Menu Center:

  1. Purchase a cork board – I got mine for about about $15
  2. Decide on what color scheme you desire and go fabric hunting – You will need about 1 yard (I will share another project that I did with the left over material)
  3. Purchase complimentary ribbon, thumb tacks, double sided tape, two colored card stock, foam stickers (I got mine at the Dollar store in the scrapbook section), small clips and recipe cards (or use my FREE printable PDFs for subscribers)

    DIY Menu Center

  4. Print out the days of the week onto a colored card stock that goes with your color scheme, cut out the squares (set aside)
  5. Using thumb tacks, attach the fabric to the cork board
  6. Cut 3 lengths of ribbon: one for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner
  7. Use thumb tacks to put the ribbon across the board starting about 1/4 of the way down

    DIY Menu Center

  8. Using the form stickers, attach 4 of the to the corners of the letter for the days of the week
  9. Apply the days of the week to the second card stock color
  10. Attach the days of week to the top of the board using double sided tape
  11. Print or purchase the recipe cards or meals (this is how I do it) and then laminate them

    DIY Menu Center

  12. Using the small clips, attach the meals to your breakfast ribbon, lunch ribbon and dinner ribbon for the whole week
  13. I place my unused meal cards into an index card holder until I change the menu the following week. I have colored coordinated the dividers for the kinds of meals these are

    DIY Menu Center

If you like this DIY project for the home, you will love my DIY Chore System (notice the fabric in this project).

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Deliciously Easy Spicy Cheese Ball


This is one of the easiest appetizers you can possibly make for the holiday season or even football season! I double this recipe and make two balls, freezing one for another time, which makes it even easier!

Here is the recipe:

1 1/2 – 2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese
1 1/2 – 2 cups of shredded Pepper Jack cheese
8 oz of softened cream cheese
1/2 cup of chives
a few dashes of hot cause
*chili powder


In a mixer or food pressure, place all the ingredients EXCEPT the chili powder. Mix together thoroughly.

Once it is mixed well, take it in your hand and form a ball.


Place plastic wrap on the counter top and generously add chili powder to it.


Roll the cheese ball in the chili powder, being sure to cover the entire ball. If there are spots not covered, carefully shake the chili powder in those places.


Wrap the ball and refrigerator several hours before serving. (I do it the day before)


If you make more than one ball, place the ball in a freezer bag and use within 2 months.


Deliciously Easy Snowman Sundae


This Snowman sundae is a perfect treat this time of the year or anytime you want to celebrate winter and the snow friends that winter sometimes brings us.

Here is what you will need:

  • vanilla ice cream
  • square chocolate covered cookie
  • frosting
  • large marshmallows
  • chocolate chips
  • M&Ms
  • toothpick


In a microwavable bowl, place some chocolate chips and melt in 20 second increments, with stirring between each increment to be sure that you do not over cook the chips.  While you are doing this, you can be putting a circle of frosting on the center of the chocolate covered cookies (one for each sundae you are making), which will keep the chocolate covered marshmallows secure on the cookies…. making the snowman hat!


Place a marshmallow on a toothpick and roll it in the melted chocolate. Place it on the frosting that is on the center of the chocolate covered cookie.  With a spoon, add extra chocolate to cover the top of the marshmallow.


Scoop a large circle of ice cream on a plate, adding M&Ms for the eyes, nose and mouth.  Then add the top and serve immediately to the awaiting loved ones.


Deliciously Easy Whole Wheat Sugar Cookies

I'm so excited to share my recipe for whole wheat sugar cookies that is perfect for your Christmas baking!

Deliciously Easy Whole Wheat Sugar Cookies

1 cup of soften butter
2 1/2 cups of evaporated cane juice (white sugar can be substituted)
3 eggs
1 tablespoon vanilla
1 cup of sour cream
1 tsp real salt
1/2 tsp nutmeg
2 tsp baking soda
1 tablespoon baking powder
5 cups of soft white wheat flour (pastry flour)
PLUS – several cups of soft white wheat flour to knead into flour when rolling out

Cream butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla and sour cream together.  Add salt, nutmeg, soda and powder and mix well. Slowly add 2 cups of flour at a time, until blended and all 5 cups have been added.

I placed half the dough onto a plastic wrap at a time and then wrapped in well.  Once all dough is in the plastic wrap and securely wrapped, I then refrigerated it for 2 hours.

After the two hours, spread some flour on the surface of the countertop.  Then unwrap the dough, adding one cup of flour at time, while kneading the flour into the dough. Continue adding the flour until the dough feels right, about 2-3 cups of flour total.


Then roll out to out 1/4 of high and flour the cookie cutters. Place cut cookie dough onto greased cookie sheet and bake for 8 minutes at 375°.  You do not want to have it golden brown.  Cool on sheet for 5 minutes and then gentle take cookies off sheet to continue to cool.

Use your favorite frosting to finish the cookie and serve!

You may also want to host your own cookie decorating party.