Children love stories, and the stories of the Bible fascinate them. We use Bible verses and stories in our parenting as a way to teach our faith and character traits we desire from our children. The more we can add these to our children while they are younger the easier it is to share your faith with them, and see their own faith grow each day.

10 Bible Stories for Preschool Girls | 

When my daughter was young, she absolutely loved having her own Bible, A Child's First Bible so she could learn about the girls in the Bible and often times, I found her emulating them in her play.

Bible stories are not gender specific, however there are some stories that girls relate to differently than boys, at least that has been the case in our family.

10 Bible Stories Preschool Girls Should Know

  1. Creation story of Adam and Eve
  2. Noah and the flood
  3. Sarah and her son Isaac
  4. Hannah and her son Samuel
  5. Ruth
  6. Queen Esther
  7. Woman who gave her last cake to the prophet Elisha
  8. Elizabeth and her son John
  9. Mary and her son Jesus (from his birth, miracles and sacrifice for us)
  10. Mary and her sister Martha

My daughter would dress up often and play out the Bible stories that she loved the most. She loved watching the Old and New Testament animated DVDs all the time.

Her favorite was Queen Esther!

We even throw a birthday party for her, where all the children dressed up as their favorite Bible character. Of course, she was Queen Esther, and her brother was David.

The hours they played Bible stories, and watched the DVDs were many, and the lessons they took from them were priceless!

I love this age, and seeing their hearts open up to God, and their Savior Jesus. Teaching our children to pray has been something that has brought so much joy to us, as their is nothing more amazing then hearing your young children pray for your needs.

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