There is an enemy that looks to destroy our homeschool joy, and the thieves he uses are let in the front door by the homeschool mom. These three thieves could be stealing your homeschool joy from you quietly and next thing you know, you give over to them with all permission, until one day, you wake up realizing that you have lost all joy in your homeschooling and not sure what happened or how to get it back.

Are These 3 Thieves Stealing Your Homeschool Joy - You may be letting them in and not even realize it! |

Are These 3 Thieves Stealing Your Homeschooling Joy

Joy is a necessity in the life of anyone, however a homeschool mom needs to protect her joy more than anyone else because of the constant care of our family and their needs, often times overlooking our own needs.

Are you allowing any of these joy-stealers to take your necessity of joy from you?

The Perfectionism Vice

This was something that I have had to work through myself, especially in my parenting. The harmful thing for those that allow perfectionism to portray how they relate to other people is that it also teaches your children to be the same way. I see this effect in my own children, who expect more from our younger children than what they did at that age, but it was taught and we are working through this together.

This mindset was a thief that was responsible for my own lack of joy over ten years ago, and the more I focused on the things that weren't perfect in my life, especially those that were out of my own control, caused my joy to be taken more and more.

The Comparison Leech

If we were all being transparent, we would see that we are all guilty of comparing ourselves to someone else and often. The more we compare then less we feel satisfied with who we are, what we have and how things look to us. This is such a dangerous thing for anyone, but for a woman who gives her life to serve her family through staying at home and homeschooling her children, it will quickly lead to stolen joy.

The longer you compare yourself to others, the harder it will be to break this habit and regain your joy. However, learning the difference between being inspired by another person and observing the same person through comparison will be the way to break this quickly, and build healthy habits that will quickly bring joy to your life again.

Don't let this silent joy-stealer ruin what makes you amazing, as a wife, mother and homeschooling mom. We all have something that can and will inspire another person Find the joy that makes you unique and learn to be joyful of what makes you… you!

The Anger Monster

I have always struggled with anger management, especially in my early adulthood. Growing up, it was how most people around me dealt with frustration and I easily learned the habit, and brought it into how I dealt with my own family.

As I matured as a Christian, I worked hard to eliminate it and even implemented structures within our home that would help my children to choose a better way in dealing with their anger. Still working on this for 20 years, I still have my times when I need to apologize to someone for sinning while I was angry, by yelling when I could have spoken calmer.

As I worked through the Bloom: A Journey to Joy (and Sanity) for Homeschool Moms online video course, I heard things about the ‘anger monster' that I have never heard. Knowing that this was a joy-stealer I face often, I was all ears and when Alicia Michelle, the founder of this course, shared that it is “an unrealistic goal to eliminate anger, because it is a symptom of frustration happening inside.”

As a woman who longs to conquer the things that set me back, hurt my loved ones or even hinder my walk with my Savior, it was a breathe of fresh air to me, and helps me to know that the systems that I have to help eliminate this joy-stealer is so important and necessary.

If you struggle with these joy stealers, I would encourage you to read Todd Wilson's book, Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe, and hear how you can change your mindset and find joy in what you do each day, and what matters most.


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