Many children have a difficult time mastering the skills of timelines and narration. Taking the printable timeline figures from Homeschool in the Woods, while enjoying a little craft time with them, will allow your children to grow in narration and help them be more interested in giving you more details because it increased their attention with a hands-on element.

An Interactive Timeline for Narration - Turn timeline images into a hands-on learning approach that will help children master timelines and narration with ease. |

An Interactive Timeline for Narration

Most homeschoolers use a timeline on their wall or in a book of some kind. Young children can go through this activity but may not really make the connection on their own of what it really means. For our children, it became easy for them to understand a timeline when associating it with people and events that we were studying in History and making connections with others that lived in that time period.

Over time, it was easier and easier for our children to make the connection and base everything off from what they already knew and understood up to that point.

Here is how to create this Interactive Timeline:

First, you will need to purchase the Homeschool In the Woods Timeline Figures on CDs. This is one of the best investments we have made in our homeschool journey because we have used it every year for all of our children and will keep using them for years to come. I love non-consumable curriculum!

I love to use the full length timeline figures, however some of the figures only have head bust images of certain people, and these are still okay to use, as well.  Print off as many of the images as you would like to cover, remembering that the CDs have them organized in chronologically or alphabetically.  You can even print off events, with people from the event. For an example, the American Revolution and people from that time period.

Each of the timeline figures can be printed with or without text. For this purpose, I used the ones without text. I then write the name and dates that are the printouts onto the back of the images.  I then have my children color them.An Interactive Timeline for Narration - Turn narration time into a hands-on learning that will help your children learn facts for timelines. |

Next, I add two graphics per laminating sheet and then laminate them for longer use.

Once they are done laminating and cooling, I cut out each one.

I then add double sided tape to the back of the popsicle sticks and attach it to the back of the laminated image. Be sure not to cover up the name and dates, for the children to remember when working with them in their narration.  You can color code your popsicle sticks to be for a certain time period or event, if you like to go that far into creating these interactive timelines for narration.

5 Ways to Use Interactive Timelines - These hands-on learning activities will help children love learning. |

Here is how to use this Interactive Timeline:

Narrate a Biography

Younger children would be thrilled to have the interactive timeline image and be able to retell an oral narration while holding it. If they are a reader, having the name and dates will help them mentally see this information, as they narrate, for a way to memorize the facts for quicker recall.

Narrate an Event

If a child was asked to retell all they knew about an event, like the American Revolution, you can give them a large amount of interactive timeline images that they helped to create over a term of learning and give you a great narration by picking up the different images at different parts of the story. The more they learned of the different people during this period of history will help them make the connections of the timeline and the people who lived during this event.

Free Time Play

Children who grow up on learning history through living books, often times will fill their free time with play that reenacts things that they learned. These interactive timeline images can easily become as enjoyable as paper dolls in their creative play.

Puppet Show

Have your children put on a puppet show with these interactive timeline images. They can really enjoy this experience with several images that could carry on a conversation with each other. Children will ask for more narration time if you used the power of a puppet show for the way they delivered what they retained in their lessons.

Movie Making

With all the devices today that give you movie making abilities, your older children will love using these interactive timeline images to create a movie to retell what they retained from their lessons. Building skills, while narrating will be something that any techie loving child will find all kinds of way to make learning fun.

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