Homeschooling mothers are great at researching curriculum for the needs of their children, but how often do they really look for resources to help them become better at homeschooling their children? I want to introduce you to an educational tool for the homeschooling mother that last a lifetime and perfect for those teaching preschool through high school.

An Educational Tool for the Homeschooling Mother - This resource is perfect for moms homeschooling preschool through high school, and lasts a lifetime. |

An Educational Tool for the Homeschooling Mother

Often times, homeschooling mothers take the advice of friends or ‘homeschool speakers' to help guide them through the huge selection of homeschool curriculum to choose the right fit for each of her individual children. Many times, these types of decisions can leave a mother second guessing her choices and pulling together different plans mid-year. What I have found is that homeschool mom's need more time to prepare themselves for the task of teaching their children, amidst taking care of a home and feeding their family.

One of these things that I find has helped mother's in homeschooling their children is when they find a method that works and can fit any curriculum, while building independent learners that continue into life learners.

Whether you are using a boxed curriculum, or a classical approach to learning, this video Course will give you insight and purpose in teaching your children of all ages the key principles necessary to true education, while building your confidence in a proven method of education that has developed lovers of education, even if they struggled to read, write or enjoy the process of learning all together.

The Charlotte Mason Way Course is a lifetime membership that allows the members to watch, learn and implement the principles that matter most to them at the present time. Each video runs between 22 and 32 minutes long, giving not only the insights from the Charlotte Mason method of education, but also practical ways to implement them in today's homeschool without overwhelming the mom in the process.

Here are the topics for each of the 14 videos, plus the two bonus videos:

  1. The Charlotte Mason Way Explained
  2. How to Teach Multiple Ages
  3. How to Build Habits
  4. How to Create Your Own Curriculum
  5. How to Teach Preschool
  6. How to Implement Memory Work
  7. How to Teach Narration and Writing
  8. How to Implement Nature Studies and Journaling
  9. How to Teach Science
  10. How to Teach History Using Binder Books
  11. How to Teach Geography
  12. How to Teach Music and Art
  13. How to Teach High School
  14. How to Evaluate Your Child

TWO BONUS VIDEOS: One video is samples from our Binder Books and another video is samples of our nature and science journals!

Before you begin planning next year's assignments, use this educational tool to help you build your confidence, find the right fit for you family and adapt a method that works, giving you joy in your homeschooling days. You will love The Charlotte Mason Way Course.