Age appropriate chores for kids aren’t always easy to find around the house until you have an idea what different ages can do.  What is really important to understand is that kids can do far more than we realize. In fact, the youngest of children know that they can do things and ask to help all the time. It is the parents that stand in the way of them helping and becoming helpers around the house because of how we underestimate their abilities.

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Age Appropriate Chores for Kids

I remember when my older two children were just 5 and 3 years old, and I was starting to homeschool. I felt overwhelmed by how I was going to get everything done and stay on top of the responsibilities of the home. It was during this time that I felt impressed with the insights to ‘give to my children what they can do and only keep on my plate what was required of me to do‘.

This has since been my guide when I have set up routines in our home and given out responsibilities to different ones in my family.

I knew right away the things that I needed to do because certain things required me completely. Things like planning homeschooling, meals, grocery shopping, and the like. However, there were so many things that I was doing on a daily basis that I didn’t need to be doing but still was and wearing myself out at the same time.

Once I figured out a few things for our children to do, I started the 4-step formula to teaching them how to do the chores. What I found was that with my attention to training them and their excitement to be doing what I was doing created an atmosphere in our home that was amazing.

Within a few short weeks, each of our children has a handful of responsibilities that they knew how to do on their own without my further instruction or a watchful eye. Of course, I still evaluated that they did their chores diligently and thoroughly.

One of my favorite things, when I hand over a chore to my children, is letting them take complete ownership over it. They helped me pick out the cleaners, the new vacuum, and dusters. They were thrilled to be part of the process of making choices and took pride in their daily chore times in our routine.

Little by little, I was seeing that I was feeling less overwhelmed and more accomplished with each passing week. My children were happier because routines were formed in our home and they were helping by being an active part of our family unit.

Our home is nearly always cleaned because of this system of each person doing their own part of keeping our home neat. This doesn’t mean we don’t create messes because we do.

We live in our home!

However, what it does mean is that we all make the messes and we all help to clean it up. We have chore times in our daily routine where we each do what is expected of us. I find that this allows us to be more hospitable and enjoy impromptu visits from neighbors and friends.

As our children grew, their responsibilities grew with them.

As we added to our family, we passed down responsibilities as we did clothes. The older sibling taught the younger sibling how to do the job well. The joy of the younger c that he could do what the older sibling always did.

To us, house responsibilities are like a rite of passage to adulthood with one responsibility learned at a time.

Our system for chores really works and the more children we have had, the more I realize that motivation starts younger and younger in our family because of the work ethic that we teach.

At the age of 7 1/2, our youngest child has learned how to mow our lawn with our riding lawn mower! I was shocked when my 15-year-old and my husband agreed to let him learn the actual mowing part, but he has been driving the mower since he was 5. My 15-year-old has been mowing for neighbors and our property and theirs are actually pretty big, so he wanted a little help keeping up with it all. Our youngest was only too motivated to offer to help.

I wanted to help you identify some great age appropriate chores for kids, and help you start delegating around your home.