Does you family desire to participate in family charities? Our family has some ideas that will allow you to focus on one charity a month for a full year schedule for family charity fun.

A Year Schedule for Family Charity Fun - Raise children that think about their community and helping those that are less fortunate with these easy ways to make a big difference. |

A Year Schedule for Family Charity Fun


Sole Hope – This is an organization that would be a great way to get your family and friends together to cut out the patterns for shoes for children suffering with foot problems in Africa just because they do not have shoes to wear. A simple solution that requires willing people to use their old denim for a good cause.


Red Cross – The first on the scenes of helping for those who have lost so much. There are so many ways to get involved as a family.


Food for the Hungry – Offering short and long term help for the poor around world is always a good thing. Find ways to get involved and make a difference.


Blood: Water – Learn how to help those who do not have fresh water.  Make a stand with a Lemonade Stand to raise money to conquer the need for fresh water.


Project 143 – Host an orphan for 4-10 weeks during summer or over Christmas. Make a difference in the life of orphans in several countries. These children are available for adoption, but even several weeks of hosting could make an impact in their lives forever.


Habitat for Humanity – What a great opportunity to get involved with an international charity that rebuilds those who were hit by catastrophes.


Palawan Door of Hope – Raise money to sponsor an orphan child in Palawan, Philippines.  It only cost $25 a month to care for the basic needs of a child, including meals and education.  Collecting coins, eliminating an out to eat meal or asking family and friends to participate with $5 to $25 donations can help raise enough money for a full year sponsorship.


Help One Now – Serving to help orphans and slaves, among a few of their focuses, you can find ways to be involved in making a difference with your own gifts and talents. Host your own yard sale to raise money for this great charity.


Salvation Army – Your family can donate many items to help those with less in your area. You can even volunteer to ring the bells at Christmas!


Meals on Wheels – This is a great opportunity to help those who are shut in their homes and unable to get out for the necessities of food.


Operation Christmas Child is a well known organization that focuses on providing one box, one child, one time for orphans around the world. You can host your own box filling event or just fill out one or two boxes as a family, including doing it online.


Christmas Angel Tree – A branch of the Salvation Army, this is a great opportunity for your children to think about other children who have less.