Summer is a good time to get out of the books and into serving others. I would love to share with you a summer project that we are going to be doing in our home this summer and ask you to join us!  You won't be sorry if you did and you will be teaching your children the joy of blessing others.

A Summer Project to Benefit Orphans - It doesn't take much to make a world of difference to an orphan. |

There is an orphanage in Palawan, Philippines that is close to my heart.  This orphanage, Door of Hope Palawan was started by my childhood Pastor's family and is being ran by them today.  I would love to introduce you to them and share a summer project that is easy and rewarding, but most importantly it will benefit the orphans who call Door of Hope Palawan their home.

I would like to share with you the words of my childhood Pastor, John Stutzman:

“The vision for this work came to me very suddenly and with great impact in a most unlikely place. It was the year 2001 and I was at the fruit and vegetable market in Puerto Princesa, the capital city of the island of Palawan. At this market poor children can often be seen selling large plastic bags to people who use them to consolidate their purchases. One of these children approached me and, as was my custom, I gave him much more than he asked, and told him to keep it to buy some food. He didn’t leave immediately, but stood a few yards away staring at me with a smile that made me wonder if he thought I was an angel or something.

What happened next effected my life dramatically…”

Read the rest of his story here.

What makes Door of Hope Palawan Worth Your Summer Attention?

Most orphanages are started by the hearts of missionaries living in the locations they are serving and seeing the needs, just like Door of Hope Palawan.

I can personally speak to the hearts of John, his daughter Anne and her husband, Luke, who run Door of Hope Palawan. They love people and love serving them, as they share the love of Jesus with them.  They are missionaries first and have a heart for these fatherless children.

Within a small and faithful church in New York, this pastor's vision was started.  They didn't approach me for help, I asked them how I could help them.  You see, when you read YWAM missionary stories to your children, you can't just sit back and believe that God will meet the needs of those doing His work, without you.  We all have a part to play in His plan… and this is my part!

What is your part?

Door of Hope Palawan Orphanage

A Summer Project to Benefit Orphans

Door of Hope Palawan has many needs, but nothing as important as sponsoring an orphan. They are not licensed to offer adoptions, so once a child comes to their orphanage, it is their child to raise and disciple for the Lord. We joyfully sponsor one child and would love to show you how you could do this easily for a summer project.

  • Sponsor One Child for $25 a month – It still amazes me that the basic need of a child in the Philippines can be met with only $25. This may be something your own family would like to do on your own, like we do. It is easy to do through Paypal.  If you ever find that it isn't something you can still do, you can easily cancel your sponsorship and know that you have helped a great deal already.
  • Sponsor One Child for a year for only $300 – This is a great summer project! Raise money from those you know to unity to sponsor one child for a year. This can be done as a homeschool group, a church's youth group, young adult group, a church, or a neighborhood.  Take a mason jar to the events you go to and ask those there for just their change (some may be dollar bills in their and that is okay) because most people carry change and will easily give that to a good cause.
  • Donate to a Current Need – Door of Hope Palawan has current needs in addition to providing and caring for their orphans.  I would encourage you to help spread the word to local businesses to donate what they can for these needs.  It is a write-off and many times they are looking for great causes to support for just this reason.

Sponsor a Door of Hope Palawan Child for only $25 a month

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