A Fun Candy Cane Guide www.joyinthehome.com
Who doesn't love candy canes? Exactly!  This is why I wanted to put together a fun candy cane guide so you can take one of the most recognized Christmas candy and do a full month of activities with it, year after year.

I absolutely love Pinterest! I thought I would share some great ideas from there to inspire you to really get inspired to have fun with candy canes this Christmas Season.


I have used candy canes as Christmas tree decorations, gift decoration with a bow and even as a place card for the table.

Place Card Holder made from Candy Canes www.joyinthehome.com

To make a place card holder with candy canes, you will need 3 mini candy canes. Place one candy cane on one side and the other two candy canes on the other side and attached them with tape. It is quite simple to make and really makes for a beautiful Christmas decoration for the table.

I hope you have enjoyed this fun candy cane guide and will put some of these ideas into your Christmas celebration.