A Family Guide to Sea World www.joyinthehome.com

Our family visited Sea World Orlando and they gave me two tickets to write a Family Guide for families like ours to come and get the most of their park. 

Get 2 Day Tickets

Our family absolutely loved Sea World!  We are already talking about going the next time, but getting a two day pass because you just can't do it all in one day and we want to do it all and then do somethings a second time. I'm not joking!  We may even be getting a 3 day ticket because this was the highlight to our Orlando trip.

Sea World Dolphin Show www.joyinthehome.com

Plan a Head for Your Favorite Things

For our family, the dolphin show, Up Close with the Killer whales and the Sea Lion show were the best things about the park.  These are the things we would love to do more than once.  We recorded some of these things on my cell phone and my little guy LOVES to watch it again and again.

He is all about the animals since our visit! (I will be adding a learning section at the bottom of this post that I will be doing with him because he just can't get enough)  He even tried to swim and dance like the dolphins later in the pool and now in his bath.

Be sure to visit Sea World's website to find out what is offered and plan according to the time that you have to enjoy the park.

Sea World Flamingos www.joyinthehome.com

Pack a Backpack

We never visit an amusement park without a backpack. Not all parks allow you to bring food or drinks in, but Sea World does and we did!

We packed sunflower seeds, sesame sticks, nuts, raisins and cranberry boxes, granola bars and beef jerky to snack on when we needed it.

You can also get wet while you visit Sea World! So pack a towel and maybe a change of close for younger children.  We went on a rainy day, so we purchase rain ponchos to stay dry from the weather, because it was cooler than normal.  We were glad we did!

A Few Other Tips

I lost my son for about 5 minutes while at Net Climb.  It was the most frightening thing I have experienced.  I shared what I learned through this fear gripping experience for my own knowledge that next time we go and for parents like me, who are very attentive and because of an obstruction from view and to much temptation for a little guy to ignore.

If you can purchase the Dine All Day ticket, you should! My oldest son can't seem to get enough to eat these days and the energy you go through at an amusement park can really make you hungry and thirsty. This pass was worth the money!  He ate anytime he was hungry and got as many drinks as he needed… all day! (only certain restaurants participate)