Has your child studied the times of knights, castles and chivalry? The medieval times are one of the most intriguing and captivating times where children can learn about devotion to honor, courtesy, valor, gentleness and gallantry. This is the time period that my 8th grader is currently studying, so when I was asked to review a new product called the Legends of King Arthur and His Court, along with the Lessons of King Arthur and His Court, I was thrilled to do so, while providing our son with one more resource to fill out his year's study of this historical time.  I look forward to sharing with you, how these resources have 8 ways to study the medieval times, and just how your homeschool can benefit from them.

8 Ways to Study The Medieval Times - Enjoy learning about kingdoms, knights and castles. | www.joyinthehome.com

8 Ways to Study the Medieval Times

Pumpkin Seed Press has several resources perfect for your homeschooling journey, and training your children up in good character, so when these new resources came along, I was thrilled to see what more I can implement in my own home, and share with my readers for their children.

The Legends of King Arthur and His Court, a revised edition by Shelley Noonan, which was based on the poem Idylls of the King by Alfred Lord Tennyson, and the Lessons of King Arthur and His Court is a study guide created by a young man, Jacob Noonan during his last year in homeschool and the years to follow. His study of knights and kingdoms, along with the character focus of chivalry lead to the desire to have a resource for other homeschooling family to follow, and enjoy for  years to come. Each chapter of the Legends book corresponds with the chapters in the Lesson book.

8 Ways To Study The Medieval Times - A times of knights, castles and chivalry teaching bravery, courage and loyalty packed into a living book about King Arthur and His court will be just what your homeschool curriculum will need. | www.joyinthehome.com

Here are the 8 ways that this curriculum allows you to study the medieval times, as a family or with just one child at a time:


Use either as an independent reading assignment for older children, or as a read aloud with the whole family, the Legends of King Arthur and His Court will prove to be practically taken verbatim from the poet in which the book was based. Having such a rich text to learn from will prove intriguing to your whole family, as the picture of what the medieval times comes to life through the pages.

Note: Don't skip out on the Introduction of the Legends book, as it displays the chronological development of positions during that time period and will prove foundational for the rest of the reading.


As with all books written from earlier days, the opportunity to learn new vocabulary and enrich the language of the reader, the Lessons book will provide several vocabulary words for each chapter that will allow the reader(s) to grasp the understanding and setting of this book, and of the era of the medieval times.

The assignments include having your child look up the words, record their meanings and use it in sentences correctly.

Study Questions

Narrations may prove difficult with such a change in settings from what your child may prove to be use to in their studies. The study questions provided, along with their answers in the back of the book, allows your children or family to learn how to dig deeper by learning to identify and examine motives, sequence of events, meanings of phrases, and more, as they practice good grammar skills in filling out the consumable study guide.

Students are encourage to review the chapter again to complete the study questions, making it easier for a child learning a new way of processing these assignments.


I love that this aspect is added to the study guide, because it is a necessary skill for adulthood and one that can be overlooked in education.

Assignments include researching legends, customs, weapons and practices of this time period, and from our own experience will be the added ingredients that will ignite a child's curiosity of a time past and will open their mind to retaining interesting details that will capture their attention for this time period.


Due to the different assignments in the study guide, a notebook (3-ring binder) is encouraged to be used to hold the various assignments in one place.

I would encourage you to consider using a Binder Book and allow the creativity of a child to be allowed to add the details of their lessons in a fun and interesting display for years to come.  This is how we will be using this curriculum this year!


Each chapter comes with a section where the child is encourage to develop creative writing, reasoning and continue with penmanship skills.

In our homeschooling, we have found that when a subject becomes interesting and we utilize many of the child's senses, we see an improvement in their writing ability. I look forward to seeing our son's writing skills improve, as we dig deep into the worlds of knights and medieval weapons that already have his full interest!


I absolutely love having drawing assignments to capture different aspects of what is being learned given to my son, who has just came into the world of drawing, although we have been journaling for years, he just now is excited about his creations and improving his skills.

Knowing his enjoyment so far in the Medieval times, I know that this addition will be added with joy to his homeschooling lessons.


As I was reviewing this resource, I was thrilled to see such details for two activities that the whole family can do together, and will allow for the practice of all kinds of skills to be worked on including: planning skills, oral presentations, hosting skills, era music, technology and building skills, and so much more!

All the steps that are required for these activities are included, and can easily be divided among several children in your family to work together for a common goal.