Homeschooling families love to learn how to save money because they are usually a one income family and need to be resourceful as possible.  Finding frugal ways to save on homeschool resources is important to us, so I wanted to share this tips for the homeschool mom to learn from where I have saved over the 15 years of my homeschooling journey, as I learned to stay within a budget for our homeschool needs.

7 Ways to Save on Home School Resources - Learn how to save hundreds with these tried and proven tips! |

7 Ways to Save on Homeschool Resources

  1. Use eBooks for the Things that You Can – When I first started to homeschool, I was having to rely on only books, but with eBooks becoming more popular, it is really easy to find resources on Amazon or on  your favorite curriculum website.  Not only does this save on homeschool resources, but it also saves on space and after living in our very small house for 15 years, using eBooks can meet more than one need.
  2. Never Pay Full Price – If you can help it, don't buy anything new of full price.  In the homeschooling community there are so many ways to find used resources that it defeats the need of purchasing new ones. You can save a lot of money when you make the decision to not buy new.
  3. Shop at Used Sales – I have become a lover of used sales and the treasures that I have found visiting my local used books sales has been so worth the research to find them.  Now there are a lot of Facebook groups that sell curriculum for you.
  4. Participate in a Curriculum Swap – I have only participated in one curriculum swap, but it was such a great idea that it made my list of how to save on homeschool resources. Basically, this was done within a homeschool support group and a date was set for you to bring your used curriculum to give to others for free. In exchange, you got to visit the other tables and take home your own free resources from their pile.
  5. Join the Mailing List of Your Favorite Curriculum – I have found that being on the mailing list of some of my favorite companies has allowed me to buy new while saving up to 50% off.  Sometimes, I have saved hundreds of dollars by just waiting until mid to late September for the items that I really wanted, but couldn't find used and wasn't willing to pay full price.  Getting the emails of these companies of their fall sales and clearances has been so helpful because I would often times forget to check their site and then I missed the savings that I was depending on getting, which really puts a wrench in my planning… and our budget.
  6. Purchase Resources with a Friend – I remember one year my friend and I really wanted to use a curriculum that neither of us could afford.  So, we had an idea that paid off and worked really well, since we went to church together.  We split the cost evenly between us. Then I would use it for one week and take it to church for her to use the next week. It worked beautifully because it wasn't something that we needed everyday, since both of us used it as an enhancement. When we finished the year, we sold it at a used sale and split the profit.
  7. Use More Non-consumable Resources – This one thing has saved me hundreds, if not thousands over the year, because I only purchased it once and used it for all of my children.  This is why I encourage people to stick to one thing, for instance your math curriculum or your spelling curriculum, because these non-consumable items will save you a lot of money over the years. The more children you have the more you will save.

These tips to save on homeschool resources does take some planning and time to implement, but so worth the investment.  My husband has been amazed that as the years have gone on, my budget for our homeschool year has gone down so much and he no longer has to put away so much to ensure we have the cash to purchase for our homeschool.