7 Ways to Live a Thankful Life www.joyinthehome.com

We all live such busy lives and many times only slow down to think about our blessings when Thanksgiving rolls around.  I would like to encourage you to live a thankful life all year round and these 7 ways may help you, as they do me, remember how we can emulate a thankful heart every day of our life.

Here are 7 Ways to live a thankful life:

  1. Speak Positively – Our words are the voice of our heart. Speaking positively can demonstrate quickly the thankfulness that we have in our life on a daily basis.
  2. Smile Often – A smile is an universal language. People can easily see how you live your life by how often you smile.
  3. Be Quick to Say Thank You – Two words can be so hard to say, yet full of wonderful reactions. Gratitude to others is not something that people do easily, but is a great way to live a thankful life and demonstrate it daily.
  4. Write Thank You Cards Often – Writing or sending an electronic thank you card is something that only takes a few minutes out of your day and really shares with the recipient that you are thankful for the part they have played in your life.
  5. Be an Encouragement to Others – When you see that someone in your life is struggling, be a positive encouragement in their life is a useful way to live a thankful life for others, in a time when they need to lifted up and appreciated.
  6. Be Open About How Others Impact Your Life – When someone has taken a moment to lift you up, impact or improve your life, take a moment and share just how much they mean to you. So much is left unsaid when it is a positive thought and putting a voice to those thoughts can really demonstrate how to live a thankful life to others.
  7. Believe that Everything will Turn Out for Good – Most thankful people have an air about them that many things do not seem to get them down, because they truly believe that everything will turn out for good.  We are never promised to have a life without struggles, but we are promised that He will never forsake us. Being thankful in all things isn't always easy, but it can be learned over time.