Most couples are so distracted with their jobs, their children, and the responsibilities that are required of them, that they leave the intimacy their marriage needs to thrive, only for the bedroom.  We would like to share with you 7 things that we do within our marriage to bring the intimacy into our lives, not just the bedroom.

7 Ways to Bring Intimacy Outside the Bedroom |

7 ways to bring intimacy outside the bedroom:

  1. Unexpected Touches – My husband often comes up behind me and just touches me.  Although his touch is magical to me, it is the unexpected attention that makes my heart skip a beat and my mind go directly to him. The intimacy that comes with just an unexpected touch is more about our hearts during this moment, but it is very necessary in the chaos of a busy home.
  2. Kisses on the Neck – All ladies would agree that kisses on the neck are a sure road to intimacy. Harold believes that feeding him is part of bringing intimacy into our lives outside of the bedroom and he proves it daily after his meals by kissing my neck. What a way to say thank you!
  3. Being Playful with Each Other – Most younger couples find this to be what leads to the bedroom until the kids and responsibilities kept us from running to the bedroom each time. It is really important to keep those playful moments in busy lives, because it is what connects the loving side of our beings together.
  4. Cuddling – Getting close together and creating the intimacy of connecting with each other is such a wonderful way to enjoy the evening hours with the children.  I have always told Harold that my favorite place in the whole world is in his arms.  He knows it is true because like all favorite places, it is often visited, cherished, and missed when separated. His embrace is the closest thing to getting to my heart and making my world always better.
  5. Massages or Playing with Each Other’s Hair – Intimacy is easy to demonstrate when caresses and massages are given. This has been a part of our marriage from the beginning and one that is cherished greatly.  I love to have my neck and back massaged and Harold loves to have his hair played with or his feet rubbed.
  6. Surprises – The element of surprise is something that can really connect two people!  When my husband surprises me with flowers or one of my favorite sweets, my heart swells with the intimacy that he shared with me, by truly thinking of me and demonstrating the thought through an act. Like I mentioned earlier, my husband’s stomach is his key to intimacy, and there is nothing like being surprised by his favorite breakfast or dinner, or finding his favorite warm cookies meeting him after a hard day at work.
  7. Love Notes – The written word is one of the oldest ways of showing intimacy within a relationship. Song of Solomon is the earliest love letter I have ever read.  We love to send emails and texts of love notes to each other.  We actually have folders within our emails where we save our love notes.  We also love to write our own words in cards, to be able to share the intimacy we feel within our hearts.

Each relationship owes itself the pleasure of bringing intimacy outside the bedroom for more connections, and satisfaction because of the investments given leading up to that moment when nothing else matters but each other.