If you are married you have in-laws and many times these relationships can be a strain on your marriage if the relationship is strained as well.

7 Things Your In-laws Need to Hear You Say | www.joyinthehome.com

7 Things that Your In-laws Need to Hear You Say:

  1. Your Son is Amazing – Parents never stop being parents, even when their adult children get married.  They want to know they are having the best in life and being treated the best.  Many times, that parental desire can cloud the judgement of their children’s spouses, making it difficult to have a good relationship with them. I would encourage you to speak great things about her spouse to them, as often as you can. Let’s not forget, your spouse has in-laws also and you would want the best for your parents and your spouse to have peace with each other.
  2. I love him – You can’t tell the parents of your spouse that you love him, enough.  Seriously!  I would highly recommend you laughing off the pet-peeves you have about the little things you husband does and let them know you love him.  It goes a long way to hear you repeating your love of him in their presence.
  3. I’m trying my best to be everything he needs – Admitting your weaknesses or short comings to them and letting them know that you are trying your best, while acknowledging these will give them a sense that you are really working on you, your relationship and giving it all that you have to be successful in your marriage.
  4. Thank you – I think your husband’s parents would love to hear you say ‘thank you’ to them for the gift you have received in their son. I know that my in-laws have enjoyed me telling this to them. Having gratitude for the kind of man he is and their work as his parents really allows them to open their hearts to you as well.
  5. It hurts me when… – Don’t harbor hard feelings toward them. If they have hurt you in a situation, be open with them and with love tell them ‘It hurt me when…’ and I don’t it to affect our relationship, so I wanted to let you know before resentment or bitterness began to grow. Remind them that you desire to have a great relationship with them because your husband’s happiness matters greatly to you.
  6. Will you forgive me for… – If you know that you haven’t done something right or expect that their is a problem in the relationship, be open to ask for forgiveness and be the solution to the problem.  If you can make things better with a simple apology, I would recommend trying it, especially if it is something that your husband would appreciate you doing.
  7. I forgive you for… – Always accept their apology, if it is offered.

Not all in-law relationships may be easy to work on, but I do believe that it is something worth attempting for the blessing of your husband and the peace it can bring in your own marriage.

I have shared with you things that your husband and children need to hear you say.