My best homeschooling years are those that I have organized before starting. There are always a certain things that I organize to make the most of a successful year and I'm excited to share them with you, hoping that you will find them as much as a blessing as I do.

7 Things I Organize for Back to Homeschooling - These things make our homeschooling start out great. |

Here are My 7 Things that I Organize for Back to Homeschool

  1. Syllabus for Each Child – Our year has always been successful when we start it with a syllabus of what we expect each child to complete prior to finishing that school year. The children know what is expected of them and can be focused on knowing that their is an end to one stage of their education. Using a syllabus in high school can really take the concerns out of teaching at home.
  2. Binder Books – We use Binder Books in several of our subjects from elementary to high school, so staying organized for binder books assignments are really important to our success for the year. You may get some inspiration when you see some of my children's binder books and journaling work.
  3. Learning Centers – Having younger children in the home is a blessing, but one you need to plan for when homeschooling older children.  One way that I have found to help in this stage is to have learning centers in key places in the home.
  4. Working Files – While teaching my children to become motivated, self-learners, I have found magazine file or what we call working files to be one of the easiest ways to implement independent work into their days. This not only helps them take more responsibility in their work, but to also take care of it when they are finished, keeping our organization through the whole year, not just the first week.
  5. Plan for Sick Days – We all have at least once a year that sickness hits our home and causes us to be off schedule.  I plan for these times and have found these to be some amazing learning times that our family has together and worth the investment of time and money when organizing for back to homeschool.
  6. Plan for Audio Books – Our children have listened to audio book at bedtime for over 12 years and has easily become one of my favorite things to organize for them. Every homeschool night, our children would listen to 30 minutes of an audio book that I wanted to introduce them to, without me having to do the reading.
  7. Meal Planning – Taking about 30 minutes a week to plan all our meals has proven to be a great benefit to getting organized when life gets busier as we get back to homeschool.