Christmas can seem so loud with activity and busyness that often times, we aren't really enjoying it.  It can be such an amazing time of the year, if we just allowed ourselves time to be quiet and simply enjoy the season with family.

7 Quiet Ways to Enjoy the Christmas Season |


7 Quiet Ways to Enjoy the Christmas Season

  1. Watch the Snow Fall – Assuming you get snow in December! We all love the first snow of the year.  It is mesmerizing to just watch it fall. I love to take photos of it coming down and covering the tress. There is nothing like a December snowfall, so taking time to just stop and enjoy its beauty should be one of the first things you do when you notice it falling.
  2. Listen to Christmas Music with Only the Christmas Lights On – There is just something about soft Christmas music playing while all the house lights are off and only the lights of Christmas illuminate the house. It is so relaxing and refreshing. Children can quietly play with their toys on the floor and you can just take in the sweetness of a quiet evening and the blessings of family.
  3. Read a Christmas Novel with Your Family – I love to read Christmas themed books, both for myself and for my family. I have my favorite picture books that I love to read to my younger children every year, but I also have some books that are perfect for the Advent studies.  I also have some that are my own books.
  4. Make S'mores by the Living Room Fire – One of American's favorite dessert that has been bringing families together for a long time, is also a perfect way to usher in a quiet evening with the family. It would be the perfect time to share your favorite family stories.
  5. Watch Christmas Movies – I absolutely love the Hallmark movies for Christmas. There are some movies that are by far my favorite that I enjoy watching with my family time and time again.
  6. Go for a Drive in Your PJs to Look at Christmas Lights – We love to go for a drive to look at Christmas lights, but have turned it into a nativity scavenger hunt. We may just have to take it to the next level and dress in our PJs, since we are always so tired by the time we return home.
  7. Look at Family Photos of Christmas' Past – Our family loves to look at family photos. Christmas is the time of year that just makes the tradition more inviting to just settle in and laugh over the photos that mean most to us.  You can even make a photo book of your favorite ones together and give them as gifts.