Our youngest child loves the alphabet and being only three, he is the youngest of our children to even care about them at this age. Here are some of the preschool activities that we are doing to teach the alphabet to this little sponge.

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7 Preschool Activities to Teach the Alphabet

Take the toddler and preschool years to use play and book time to teaching alphabet recognition to your children. Their natural ability to retain information makes play time, learning time. They love it, and will learn easily without feeling like they are having lessons.

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  1. Alphabet Books – Reading books with alphabet themes are wonderful ways to teach the alphabet to even the youngest child. The library is a wonderful source for this activity and allows for new material often.  My youngest loves The Little Engine that Could book and has it read to him daily.
  2. Puzzels – I really love puzzles for children of all ages and puzzles that teach the alphabet are at the top of my list. This helps them organize the alphabet in their mind, helping to learn that famous song that we all love to teach to our children.
  3. Play-doh and cutters – Having the ability to cut out their own letters is a wonderful activity to teach the alphabet. Play-doh now has their own alphabet cutters (and number cutters, too).
  4. Flash Cards – You can make your own flash cards with index cards.  I have made a set of upper case and lower case to play memory with my toddlers and preschoolers. These are great ways to teach the alphabet with having fun with your child.
  5. LeapFrog Letter Factory  – I absolutely love these learning toys to teach the alphabet. My three year old can sit and play with these for a long time and will repeat everything that it says.  This toy also introduces the phonics sounds for the letters.
  6. Letter Search – Using a word search puzzle, cut it the puzzle part and attach it to a card stock paper.  Write 5 – 10 letters on the top of the card stock and have the preschooler circle the letters you wrote on top of the card stock that are within the word search puzzle. We started this activity at a restaurant while waiting for our dinner and our 3 year old loves it.
  7. Sand box – This activity can be done inside or outside. If you do it inside, be sure you have a bin that has a lid that is fits it securely.  You can use your flash cards or make larger flash cards on card stock paper. Give the preschooler a card to trace the letter into the sand.  When he or she is done, they can flatten out the sand again and do another letter. Another way to use the sand box is to dictate a letter and see if the child can write the letter without looking at a letter for an example.

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