7 Household Chores for Toddlers and Preschoolers

I love the Charlotte Mason quote that states, “The more we do for a child, the less he will do for himself.”  To me, this makes complete sense.  As a Charlotte Mason educator, I love to use the natural stages of a child to introduce things that will be easy for the child to be successful.  Chores are no different in a child’s education and the stage of ‘mocking’ or ‘repeating’ has proven to be the perfect stage to introduce chores for toddlers and preschoolers.

Why to Delegate Chores for Toddlers and Preschoolers

In my almost 19 years of parenting, I have experienced different personalities in my children but one thing is always the same.  They want to be just like me or their daddy for a period of their life.  During this stage of their life, they mimic everything that we do or say.  This is a big learning stage for these children, but one benefit that this stage offers, if allowed to blossom, is building a strong self-confidence in the child.  This aspect of a child, seeing that they can do or say almost everything that Mommy, Daddy and older sister or brothers do, does in fact build a confidence of accomplishment. In doing so, this makes them feel a part of the family and bonds grow stronger toward each other.

Preschooler washing windows

Here are 7 Household Chores for Toddlers and Preschoolers

These are the chores that each of my children learned in their toddler ages and as they grew, the responsibilities did, as well.

  1. Make Their Bed – My children’s beds are not the best looking made beds, but they do it on their own.  I love to praise them when it looks better than it ever has in the past.
  2. Take Care of Dirty Clothes – It doesn’t only take once or twice for a toddler or preschooler to learn how to take care of their dirty clothes. In fact, my three year old has taken care of his clean clothes without being asked. He didn’t put them in their right place, but I wasn’t going to tell him and break his heart.  He was so proud of himself!
  3. Feed the Pet – Taking care of the dog is my three year olds pride. He cries if someone lets the dog out and he loves to give him treats. He gives him food on his own and occasionally fills the dog’s water dish, even though that chore is for his older brother.
  4. Help Take Care of Groceries – This chore is exciting for some reason, maybe because there is food in the house again. My three year old loves to take care of the toilet paper, canned foods and things that he can reach in the cupboard. We love his help!
  5. Wash Windows – My oldest was the first one to do this chore and that was when she was just a little over one!  She loved to wipe the windows cleaned and learn how to spray the windows. Today, my three year old cries if he doesn’t have a spray bottle and paper towels to help clean the many windows in our home.
  6. Wash Cupboards – The bottom cupboards are the perfect job for the little people in your home.  I will invest in cleaning supplies that make this job easier and enjoyable for the toddlers and preschoolers in my home.
  7. Wipe Baseboards – I don’t know about your home, but our baseboards can get dirty fast. Maybe because we have a dog?  Giving the little people wipes to keep the visible baseboards ‘clean’ is a great chore as well.

I hope these ideas for chores are great ways to build your toddler and preschooler, while helping you keep up with the house. Be sure to follow us our Toddler & Preschool Pinterest Board, for ideas like these!

What other chores do your have your toddlers and preschoolers do?

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