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I remember the day when my daughter gave me a personalized calendar for my birthday.  I think I cried!  Okay, I did cry, but it is because I'm the romantic, sentimental kind of women. Since then, this has become an anticipated gift and one that I cannot wait ti receive.

My mom is turning 70 this year and I'm going to bless her with some of these good things that I know will have her reaching for her tissues, because the apple doesn't fall from the tree.

What I love about these gift ideas for your favorite photos is that you can do them for anytime of the year and they will be cherished forever.

Here is my list of 7 gifts ideas:

My own calendar gift www.joyinthehome.com

  1. Calendars – You will need about 20-50 good quality photos to make your calendar amazing.  My children and husband write a special note to me on the month that their birthday falls in and my husband adds another one in the month of our anniversary.  Tear jerkers for sure and yet, the cherry on top!  Although most people think of calendars for January through December, you can also create them for teachers for September through August or for birthday gifts starting in the month they were born.  I love it when my daughter adds scriptures or quotes pertaining to that month.  Treasures and keepsakes!How to Turn Homeschool Field Trips into Keep Sakes www.joyinthehome.com
  2. Photo Books – I absolutely love my photo books and have done different themes to organize my photos, vacations and even homeschooling items. Just like a calendar, you would want to have a minimum of 20-50 good quality photos.  You can personalize these with notes, scriptures, quotes, poems, old letters and more. You really can be incredibly creative with these and make a personal gift that will be cherished forever and always.
  3. Mugs – If you have a coffee, tea or hot beverage lover in your life, this is the perfect gift to add a favorite photo to and knock the socks off them at the same time. Knowing my mom is 400 miles away from us, this is one gift that I know she will enjoy when her heart is really missing us and it could use a little warming! (Not to mention a calendar and even a photo book… remember she is turning 70!)
  4. Planners – If you are a homeschooling mommy, this will make your list for sure, but this is a gift idea to give to others.  So, why not personalize this planner for a love one, adding birthday dates for the whole extended family.  You could add inspirational thoughts for your love one to enjoy as they enter things that are important for them to plan and organize.My personal mouse pad www.joyinthehome.com
  5. Mouse Pads – Again, I remember the time that I was blessed with my own mouse pad with my beautiful family on it.  Yep, I cried with this one, too!  It sits nicely on my desk and I often think of the times when these photos were taken and making me remember to take time to enjoy those that I love dearly.
  6. iPad Cases – You know how important it is to protect your electronics, so this gift idea just makes it so special to have one of your favorite photos displayed on the case, allowing you to take that moment with you.  Anyone would be so excited to get one of these for any special day of the year… or just to say, “I love you!”
  7. Playing Cards – Our family loves games and cards is just one of the things that we love to play. These make a great stocking stuffer or a gift for others who love to play cards.


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