Who enjoys it when their child gets sick? No one does! When our youngest was a baby, his immune system was horrible and he caught everything. This all stemmed from him having a health issue that caused him not to be able to get into a good sleep, and it lowered his immune system. I would love to share with you these ways to strengthen a child's immune system, naturally and effectively.

5 Ways to Strengthen a Child's Immune System - Who wants sick kids? No one does! These 5 ways are simple and effective to strengthening your child's immune system. | www.joyinthehome.com

5 Ways to Strengthen a Child's Immune System

When you are a parent, you cringe when you see the first signs of your child coming down with something, especially if you have multiple children because when one of them catches it, they all catch it. Having a plan of attack, before the germs attack, is always the best strategy for parenting.

Anytime, one of these ways weren't followed, I could be sure that one of my children would pick up something and bring it into the home for a round of sickness that could keep us down for a week or more, depending on the type of sickness it was.


We all need a good night's sleep to stay healthy. However, children need around 10-12 hours of sleep each night to keep their immune systems strong and healthy. This is one thing that I have always been so thankful to be able to provide to our children through their homeschooling years, because whenever their sleeping hours are messed up, and they aren't getting much more than 8 hours of sleep, they are bound to get sick and quickly.

The best hours for children and adults to be in a deep sleep are between the 10 PM and 2 AM hours.

Sleep isn't just good for those who are sick, but it is a great way to keep from getting sick in the first place.

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Hydrating is so important for all people, and for children who are growing, it is very important as well, since all their cells need water to stay healthy.

For this reason, our children didn't grow up on having juice, milk or any other beverage on a daily basis, but instead, they normally would only drink water throughout the entire day.

Of course, there were times when we would allow for a small cup of juice or milk, but we restricted all soda for their growing years to not only help with their immune system but their overall health.


Moving the body for a minimum of 30 minutes a day is a great way to build a strong immune system for children and adults.

Some great ways to get your child to be active every day are bike riding, roller skating, jumping on the trampoline, walking on a treadmill or elliptical machine, swimming, playing tag or just running.

Making it a family focused fitness and moving together for overall health improvement for your whole family is a great way to build a great habit for all your family's health.

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Sugar is one of the best way for anyone to lower their immune system, and it is in everything these days.  Limit sugar can be easier if you eliminate all drinks that include it, and replace it with water.

One of the ways that I got my children on my side when working on limiting sugar is teaching them how to read food labels and what it all meant in their way of thinking. I did this by teaching them that FOUR GRAMS OF SUGAR is the same as a TEASPOON OF SUGAR.

They were really surprised by how much sugar is in some of their favorite foods, and with just that knowledge alone, they helped me work on making better health choices for our whole family. They would often do math in the store to figure out just how many teaspoons of sugar per serving (and some servings are smaller than what they were eating during a helping) they would be eating if we purchased that item.

Cereals are one of the first places that I would recommend teaching this knowledge because it is appalling how much sugar is in popular brands.

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