At one time or another, a marriage will have to face the issue of broken trust. Keeping secrets within a marriage, even as little as a purchase at a store, can be the beginning steps to bigger things crumbling within the trust of the most important relationship you will ever have with another person.

5 Ways to Rebuild Trust Once It Is Broken - Trust can be rebuilt, but it takes both to work to make it happen. |

Knowing this, there is still hope in rebuilding trust, even if the issues that broke the trust could be marriage breaking. Trust should never be something you stop working to grow within your marriage, because it is the adhesive that keeps two fallible people committed to loving each other despite their faults.

Here are five ways to rebuild trust once it is broken:

    1. Sincere Repentance – The spouse that is in the wrong, must experience a sincere repentance (a turning away) of the issue that broke the trust in the beginning. Without this turning away, the issue will still exist and will continue to chip away at the relationship and trust will never be able to be rebuilt.
    2. Open Communication – Communicating well builds a tight mutual bond that leads to the growth of trust and into a true open relationship. If you are having a hard time communicating without fighting, consider implementing these steps to improve how you communicate through hurt.
    3. Accountability – When one becomes accountable to themselves, their spouse, and to God, a built in “check” system is allowed to grow. This builds one's character and establish a safe boundary that they and their spouse can be fulfilled and flourish in.
    4. Honesty – Admitting that there is a trust issue within your relationship is the first step to rebuilding the broken trust. Both spouses need to be fully honesty in their feelings and their actions. As difficult as this is, it can truly be the most rewarding step to quickly building the trust in your relationship.
    5. Genuine Forgiveness – Trust can never be built in a relationship without the hurt spouse accepting the sincere repentance of the offending spouse. Rehashing and bringing up things only sabotages the attempt to build trust within the relationship. If a relationship has an apologizing spouse that isn’t working to change the issue that is breaking trust, rebuilding trust will be a difficult thing to do. This is where ‘love that covers a multitude of sins’ comes into a marriage and can be the changing aspect of a marriage and the apologizing spouse.

Each marriage is worth the effort of rebuilding trust, regardless of where you are in your marriage, even if on the verge of divorce. It all depends how much one is willing to do for the love of the other.

We are so happy that we never gave up and held onto the strings that were left hanging when trust was broken in our marriage, to allow our love to be the reason we worked to rebuild and continue to build trust in our marriage.

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