We all want to give our children a great childhood. Having adventures is one of those things that we may not put a lot of thought into, but is so important to a childhood. The best memories are made from times when we were children and we were being adventurous. Aiding our children in being adventurous is where we may struggle, but it isn’t that difficult.

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5 Ways to Raise Adventurous Children

Read to Them

Ideas of adventure abound in living books that inspire children of places they have never been, but would love to explore, people that experienced adventure first hands, but they can only meet through stories, and things that inspire them to be anything that they want to imagine for themselves.

Children of all ages can benefit from a daily read aloud time. For younger children, a story before nap or bedtime is the perfect time to read to them. Older children may enjoy a book in the morning (if you homeschool) or afternoon, but some may only be able to fit it in at bedtime.

Provide Them with Dress Up Clothes

Adventure starts in the mind. Providing your children with dress up clothes can give them hours of imaginary play, reenacting the stories that they listen to and fosters the love of adventure in their childhood that will provide many memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Dress up clothes are not just the kind that you may get them at Halloween or for their birthday, but could also include clothes that you find at Goodwill stores. Some of my children’s favorite dress up clothes are made up of these kinds of things: women’s wool jackets (red and blue) to play scenes from the Revolutionary War or their favorite men from that era, sports pants that go along with the jackets to play more of the parts of those kind of uniforms, army clothes, western clothes and much more.

When my daughter was younger, she loved to dress up in my older dresses, clothes that looked like prairie clothes and Indian type looks.

Allow Them to Create from Their Imagination

My children has so many memories of creating from their imagination that stemmed from living books that I read to them. Ordinary things from around the house became prompts in their imagination play as they lived out the adventures from the stories we were reading.

Sometimes, we would get inspiration for them when we were going to yard sales!

Limit Electronics

Children are quickly losing the ability to be adventurous because so much of their time is spent in front of electronics, dulling their ability to become inspired through books and to play through imagination, like we did as children.

It is so important to learn how to balance your family’s electronics to ensure you are raising adventurous children.

Give Them Hours of Free Time Each Day

There is nothing more beneficial to raising adventurous children than to give them hours of free time each day to be adventurous. This is the time that the ideas that come from the other four ways can grow and flourish. Packing our children’s schedule with activities that rob them of these important hours of the day will ultimately hinder the ability for them to implement their adventurous ideas into their play, furthering their ability to be creative and grow in their imagination.

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