We all have times that we have a family member that is dealing with constipation, but it is really difficult to go through with a young child.  It is important to know how to eliminate constipation before it gets too difficult as it can cause a lot of abdominal pain and stressful for the bowels.

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5 Ways to Eliminate Constipation

  1. Increase Water – Water is a necessary component to staying regular, but most people do not drink enough of it. It is important to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces to stay hydrate and help with regularity. However, you should increase this some if you feel that constipation is a factor.
  2. Drink Prune Juice – Prune juice is a great drink to add when constipation has hit. Young children should have this diluted some.
  3. Bath in Epsom SaltEpsom salt can be consumed but our family uses it in warm baths when someone is constipated.  The bag will tell you the exact amount to add to either a bath or for a consumable treatment for constipation. If our child is really young and struggling with the pain constipation can cause while pushing, we will keep them in the bath while they have the urge to push, giving them the benefits of the water.
  4. Eliminate Bulking Foods – Bananas and cheese are often culprits to causing constipation. Eliminating these during bouts of constipating is a healthy choice.
  5. Bowel Inducers – If the constipation is really bad, you may need to do something a little more aggressive. You may want to use a saline enema or suppositories. Always read the labels for appropriate uses for young children.

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