I know you are already thinking that I have never raised a strong-willed child to making this statement, but rest assured that not only have I raised a strong-willed child, I made mistakes and she still turned out amazing. I know how hard it is to stay encouraged while parenting one, too.

I remember the day when my sweet daughter, who was only around six months old, demonstrated her strong-will and how all my parenting bliss was confronted with my daughter willingly and repeatedly returning to a plant that was poisonous to ingest and here it was all around the living room of a house we were visiting.  Each time she crawled over to it, I would do what all the ‘experts’ would say, “Distract them and they will forget what they were doing.

You guessed it – it didn’t work at all!

Some may think it was just the surrounding and not a strong-will but as a mother to this child, allow me to assure you that in that moment her will was found, enjoyed and became her best friend, while becoming my pain and nemesis from the start.

I asked myself, “Where did my sweet baby go?

She was still there and thriving with this new found power that I was clueless to combat.

A few years later, I called my mom crying because I was struggling in parenting her and I needed my mom to console me. Her words shocked me and have stayed with me to this day.

“Harness it the right way and you will have a world changer!”

So, now I had to parent a strong-willed child and figure out how to not mess up, so she can grow to change the world and all without direction or help.  It didn’t take me long to look to her Creator for the answers and I opened up the Bible to find direction and help. As always, I found it.

She was uniquely and wonderfully made!

I learned a lot in these 20 years of being her mother and watching her grow, directing her in obedience without changing the uniqueness of my baby girl and watching the wonder of her developing before my eyes.

This is what I learned in my parenting this sweet girl, who often brought me to tears at the end of the day and at times, at the beginning of the day…

5 Overlooked Strengths of a Strong-willed Child

  1. Leadership – She possessed a strong need to be a leader, often taking the initiative to clean, not only our home but others, to care for other’s children or to decide what was going to be played with her peers. ‘Harness it the right way’ and she could lead others to Christ. She could lead her generation to living with purpose. She could lead her own children in the right way.
  2. Influencer – It didn’t take me long to see that she influenced the atmosphere of our home. A good day could go bad, quickly. She could bring music into our home with one melody. She could influence her siblings to do anything she desired to do with them. ‘Harness it the right way’ and she could change a bad day into a good day. She could change the world with her love of music. She could encourage and motivate anyone needing a little encouragement or direction.
  3. Strong Beliefs – Even when she was wrong and had all the evidence of what she did wrong, she still stood strong in her belief that she could convince you otherwise. ‘Harness it the right way’ and she could share her belief in Christ, His sacrifice, His gift of forgiveness, His unending love and eternity life through Him.
  4. People Lover – Relationships have always been so important to her and a very loyal to the people in her life, even if these people weren’t the best influence on her young heart. ‘Harness it the right way’ and she could be a missionary of souls where ever she resides. She would be the best kind of friend and there whenever you needed her.
  5. Passionate – It didn’t matter what the situation was or who was involved, she was very passionate from the beginning of her life. She would sing loudly, play hard, study deeply, research more to learn about her interest, practice until she learned an instrument, be there first if you were hurt or needing help. ‘Harness it the right way’ and she would be unstoppable to becoming the best she could be.

If you are a parent, raising a strong-willed child, I want to encourage you as my mother did me… “Harness it the right way and he/she can change the world.”

Learn how to ‘harness it the right way’ with these tips!


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