Our homes are filled with electronics, from the television, to DVDs, video games, Kindles, Tablets, iPads, iPods and cell phones. Families are often seen overflowing with electronics that it can really be something that pushes them apart. If you are like me, and want to balance your family's electronics, these 3 ways should prove useful to you as well.

3 Ways to Balance Your Family's Electronics - Includes printables to helping you set boundaries for electronic use. | www.joyinthehome.com

3 Ways to Balance Your Family's Electronics

If your home has free access all day to the many electronics in your home, your children may take a while to adjust to these steps but each are worth implementing to balance your family's electronics daily.

These 3 ways can be summed up with one word – ALL!

A – Attitude

In our home, attitude is the fuel to everything fun. If our children have a bad attitude in homeschooling, relationships or responsibilities, it will effect how much electronic time they will actually get that day or the next day.

It is important to explain that good attitudes will give you a full allowance of electronic time, but you will need to decide what that looks like for your own family.  When a child is having a good attitude a day, they can earn allowance for the next day or they can loose their allowance if their attitude has been difficult.

Here is a free printable Attitude Allowance Coins to getting electronic allowance time. Just print, laminate and cut out. You can determine how many minutes each allowance coins is worth and change it for different ages. When you laminate it, you can write names and time allotments on the back and wipe them off, if you need to change them.

Attitude Allowance Coins | www.joyinthehome.com

L – Limits Based on Chores

Electronics should be something children earn, at least in our home, unless it includes their homeschooling assignment.  If children want to earn additional electronic time in addition to their attitude allowance coins, they can earn them through chores.

These Chores Allowance Coins can be printed and then write the chore on the back and how many minutes the chore is worth in electronic time, laminated and cut them. Your children will have a new way of looking at things to do around the house and could actually help them earn or keep more of their Attitude Allowance Coins.

Chores Allowance Coins | www.joyinthehome.com

L – Lists Work Amazing

We use lists for so many things with our electronics that really help our children stay within the limits that we set for them in the time that they earn. We record on a DVR for our television watching, which allows us to not let it control us but also so we can fast forward through commercials and have safe things for our children to watch during their allotted times.

We also have different folders for their Kindles, one for educational and another for play. If we give them education time for this electronic, they can only play with what is in that folder, but if they earned additional time to play on their Kindles, they are free to pick from their play folder.

I hope these three ways to balance your family's electronics will empower you to use the resources available and give your children the power to earn what they really desire through their own actions.

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