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As a Christian homeschooling mother, I remember the struggle I had when my little boy started showing interest in dinosaurs. In a few words, I was horrified. I couldn’t allow my little boy to grow up playing with dinosaurs because they are part of the evolutionary theory.

Imagine my surprise, when in my mid-twenties, I first learned that dinosaurs were real and unlike popular believe, they were created on the same creation day as man was created.  I understand that some of my readers may believe that dinosaurs are millions of years old, like they believe our earth is, however since this is my blog, I’m going to write this post based off my beliefs on the subject, while respecting those that do not belief the same way I do.  I expect the same respect if you feel the desire to comment on this post.

Attending a Christian school myself, I only heard of evolution as a ‘theory’ but not much more was covered.  My husband who attended public school had the same experience as I did.

Today’s schools are different, including most homeschools. In public schools, evolution is taught as fact and creation is taught as fact in most homeschools.  It seems that children who are taught higher mathematics aren’t expected to use their reasoning brains to understand the world around them and be able to find their own faith in rather a Creator designed this complexed world and all that is in it or an explosion of sorts was the reason that all things exist today, changing from one kind to another.

3 Reason Why it is Important to Teach Creation and Evolution

  1. It Challenges a Child’s Analytical Thinking – Children are born with analytical thinking and begin using it early in their life. This all starts when they realize that crying can get them what they need or want. As they grow, they begin further analytics of if I drop this toy, what will happen and a game begins.  Next they learn what boundaries have consequences and which do not. As they continue to grow closer to pre-teens, they begin questioning if Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy are really true or fake.  Not long after that, they begin questioning the religious faith of their parents or why their rules really matter.  It is so important to continue feeding information for their analytical thinking, but not one sided.  They need a lot of information and content to process, compare and analyze.
  2. It Builds the Ability to Give an Account to What They Really Believe – Recently, our family watched a movie called Evolution Vs. God. In this movie, it amazed me that so many people, including professors of universities who teach evolution, couldn’t give accounts or answers of what they really believe or the why behind it.  The same is true for Christians who say they believe in Creation. They really can’t give much answers to why they believe something, but they just do.  With the knowledge available to us today, with Scripture and science, every Creationist and every Evolutionist should be able to answer to the easy and hard questions when asked.  Faith is a good thing for one person to have, but it is knowledge that takes a person for trusting to knowing. Don’t we all what knowing faith in what we believe?
  3. It Strengthens Their Faith When Their Questions Can Be Answered – Doubt is a something that every person experiences often.  The more knowledge a person has about something, the stronger their faith will be in that person, fact or thing. It is just human nature.  Regardless of what you desire your child to know about our world, if it was created or evolved, you are demanding a lot of faith if you are just stating it with out further things to back it up. Education of this kind, with two views being taught as ‘truth’ requires much more than just ‘it happened and you just need to believe it’. It requires more of a court proceeding, where evidence of both sides are being presented, different perspectives are presented and allowing the jury (your students) find their own truth.  The evidence will do its job, if it is presented well.  In the end, their faith will be strengthened and firm because of the evidence.

I taught our oldest two children, who now have graduated, this way and they are strong Creationist. To do this in our homeschooling, I had to pull together my own curriculum to ensure that they had the evidence they required to all of these 3 things for themselves.

I’m so happy to share with you that I have made that curriculum available to others who desire to teach their children both sides.  I wouldn’t recommend this curriculum for someone who desires to have their children to build their faith in evolution.  I really don’t know of a curriculum that shows both sides, giving evidence, that would give the result of building faith in evolution.