For many homeschooling families, they break from the normal homeschool routines to bring Christ into their December Homeschool, usually with more of an Advent focus. There are many ways that we can have a more Christ-centered Christmas through homeschool. This list is to inspire you to make the most of your December homeschool with family oriented days that will be easy to bring Christ into your days all December long.

25 Ways to Bring Christ into Your December Homeschool |

25 Ways to Bring Christ into Your December Homeschool

  1. Study Christmas Hymns – Learn the stories behind the Christmas songs we all love can be a wonderful month long study that will easily bring a Christ-centered Christmas to all of your family. I would recommend Stories Behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas, More Stories Behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas and Gloria, A Christmas Hymn Study. This could be a wonderful way to spend the last 30 minutes or so of a day, cuddled with your family, before tucking the kids in bed.
  2. Make Christmas Goodies for Neighbors, Elderly and Shut-ins – We all make Christmas goodies, often times too much. Showing Christ in December can be easy when you bless others with some as well. Think beyond your family and friends, and consider blessing your neighbors, elderly from church and don't forget those who are shut-in their homes because of health reasons. I saw a fun way to package cookies using a Pringles can and thought this would be the perfect way to share our Christmas goodies this year. You can spend the day baking cookies and doing crafts to bless others later that day. Have the child see if they can double or triple the recipe for some math practice.
  3. Make Homemade Christmas Cards for Family and Friends – Children love crafts, so why not have a day where they make homemade Christmas cards for their closest friends and family members. While they are making their cards, you can work on your list of Christmas cards. I love Shutterfly for Christmas cards! I can get our Christmas photo put right on them, plus I can have them send my cards straight to my list of family and friends.
  4. Write a Family Newsletter – Creating a yearly newsletter where each person shares a paragraph of their highlights for the year. Once everyone has their final draft of their paragraph, just add them together to create a fun family newsletter to let family and friends know what is going on in your life. Don't tell the kids that they are working on their writing skills!
  5. Clean Out the Toys and Clothes for Donation – Most children receive new toys and clothes for Christmas. Take the time before their new gifts arrive to declutter and organize their rooms, while putting the focus on children who do not have as much. Once you are done, take a family trip to the local charity organizations for your donations. Removing them quickly will really help the younger children.
  6. Go Christmas Caroling – This wonderful tradition is not practiced enough. We did this a few years ago, in our neighborhood. We had a group of friends that came together at our home and we constructed cookie trays with a card. We visited about 12 homes on a very cold night the week of Christmas and sang until someone came to the door. Our neighborhood loved it and we were able to meet some new people we would otherwise not have taken the time to introduce ourselves. Our neighbors mentioned it the next year and seemed disappointed we didn't do it again.
  7. Organize a Winter Coat, Hat and Glove Drive – To get your family excited about this opportunity to bless others, I would recommend you read Gideon's Gift. Then start asking your church, neighbors and going through your own closets to collect winter coats, hats and gloves for the homeless. There are many organizations that deliver these to those in need.
  8. Spend a Day Reading Picture Books – I love picture books, but there is nothing like Christmas picture books for our family. I have a list of my favorite books that I have read over the years to my children and would recommend you starting this tradition. Grab some tissues, cuddle and read!
  9. Host a Birthday Party for Jesus – There is nothing so special than to take time to put your children's attention to celebrating the birth of Jesus. You can start the birthday party with The King is Born, read Luke 2 and talk about Him being the light of the world, as you all blow out the candle on your own cupcake, to symbolize that Jesus is here for all of us.
  10. Do an Advent Activity Daily – You would love Truth in the Tinsel for your little ones! Each day has an Advent activity that is part of the nativity story.
  11. Read Advent Focused Books – Our family has loved the trio series for Advent reading: Jotham's Journey, Bartholomew's Passage, and Tabitha's Travels.
  12. Watching Christmas Movies that Motivate Good Things – Christmas movies are all over the television in December. I have a list of some of my favorite Christmas family movies that teach thinking about other things. I also have some of my favorite Christmas movies for my younger children.
  13. Create a Jesse Tree – We have never done a Jesse Tree, but the concept is a great idea. Here is a Jesse Tree study that may be a great fit for your family.
  14. Participate in a Christmas Choir or Play – Get your whole family involved in a Christmas choir or play that will have them memorizing for a Christ-centered Christmas.
  15. Write a Letter to Jesus – You have heard about writing a letter to Santa, but have you had your children write a letter to Jesus? You could have them thank Him for his blessings, tell Him how much they love them, write what they want to do for Him and even what they desire from Him. Your church can host a Letter to Jesus drive with a box for the kids to drop their letters in each Sunday of the month of December.
  16. Study Gifts in the Bible – I created a free printable for a study on what the Bible says about ‘gifts'. You can use these as memory verses or just as discussion verses through the month of December.
  17. Go on a Nativity Scavenger Hunt – We love to go Christmas light looking. We turned this loved family tradition into a meaningful Nativity scavenger hunt. Get your free printable to go on your own!
  18. Host a Cookie Decorating PartyCookie decorating is a family tradition for our family, but we switched it up a few years ago to have a more Christ-centered Christmas with using nativity cookie cutters.
  19. Children Create a Skit for the Nativity – Have a homemade skit of Luke 2, where the children dress up and construct their own skit for you and your spouse, and maybe others.
  20. Make Christmas Ornaments – Having homemade Christmas ornaments on your tree is something that your children will cherish for years. They also make great gifts! You can make clay ornaments, swirly ornaments, or wooden ornaments.
  21. Learn About Candy Canes – The history of the candy cane is fun to learn about. You can also do some fun decorating with candy canes, like this beautiful centerpiece.  You can also do some yummy things with them: chocolate candy cane, peppermint fudge, and candy cane pops.
  22. Sponsor an Orphan – Helping our children think of others is always a great way to bring Christ into our homeschool. Our family loves the heart of Door of Hope Palawan and would love to share with you how you can help raise money to sponsor one orphan for a year. It is easy with just finding 35 people to donate $10 year or 12 people donating $25 each.
  23. Host a Charity Event – There are so many amazing charities that your family can get busy with supporting. Inviting friends over during December to enjoy a time of fellowship, while introducing them to a way to impact others.
  24. Visit a Nursing Home – The elderly have a hard time during the holidays and anything we can do to make their celebrations joyful would be a good thing. Your family can visit to read books, sing carols or just to visit.
  25. Invite a Soldier to Christmas Dinner – Soldiers are often times unable to return home for Christmas, so they would normally have no where to go for the Christmas dinner. Some local churches organize hosting homes for soldiers to come and enjoy Christmas with others.