I love reading especially during the Christmas season. If you are like me, you may want to know if there are Christmas books for mom that you haven't already read.  I hope you find some new ones in this list of 20 books that I have created based off some that I have read and some that I look forward to reading.

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20 Christmas Books for Moms

I love to do anything I can to relax during the Christmas season, to help with the stress that often comes with extra social parties, shopping, family commitments and the hustle that often comes with the month of December.

Cuddling with a blanket, and a fire is always a joyful time for me, but these are some of my favorite Christmas reads that moms would really enjoy.

To do this with my family around, I offer them a book from our favorite Christmas books for them, and just enjoy a quiet evening together.

I hope you make enjoying a Christmas book a new tradition in your holiday season, because you will love it once you do!